Marine Stops Robbery Full Video – Marine James Kilcer Vet Foils Arizona Robbery

Marine who thwarted armed robbery reveals he would have been shot but the gun JAMMED

Marine Stops Robbery Full Video – An astounding video out of Yuma County, Arizona, shows Marine Corps veteran James Kilcer assuming control over issues to effectively foil an outfitted burglary.

What was the deal?

The veteran, who has not been openly recognized, resisted the urge to panic even with risk as a triplet of would-be robbers — one of them equipped — burst into a Chevron corner store early Wednesday morning, as indicated by KSAZ-TV.

As one of the suspects streaked a handgun and pointed it at the clerk, the veteran immediately got the weapon and bent the speculate’s arm, seeming to drive the suspect to the ground.

Two different speculates who entered the store behind their equipped accomplice responded by running away from the area in shock and dread. One can be seen tumbling to the ground prior to fleeing, consequences be damned.

The occurrence was caught on observation video.

What else?

The veteran had the option to nail down the recently equipped suspect until appointees showed up. The suspect has been captured and set up for the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center for furnished burglary and irritated attack.

The other two suspects were supposedly ready to move away and starting on Thursday morning are as yet totally free. Law requirement authorities are requesting that the public offer any facts.

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