Marcus Adams Tiktok – Marcus Adams Texas Necklace Video Update

Marcus Adams Tiktok – Two high school young ladies were accused of burglary from a human body or grave in Bexar County, Tex., in the wake of posting a Snapchat video showing how they eliminated an accessory from a dead man’s body.

Seventeen-year-old Bethany Martin and her 16-year-old companion discovered 25-year-old Marcus Adams’ body almost a seepage ditch.

Martin and her 16-year-old companion were taken into police guardianship on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, subsequent to posting a video catching how they took a neckband from Marcus Adams’ dead body on Snapchat. It’s perceived that the video was first coursed on NextDoor prior to being submitted to the police.

Martin and the anonymous minor allegedly called a male companion who went along with them on the scene prior to alarming 911. They shot the Snapchat video catching the despicable demonstration before the police showed up. It’s perceived that Martin disposed of the chain prior to giving up the pendant to the 16-year-old.

The teens conceded that they took the jewelry upon their capture.

Marcus kicked the bucket by self destruction, the clinical analyst has dominated. He purportedly disappeared two days prior.

The report about Adam’s passing happened after a video of his body was supposedly posted on Snapchat.

Bethany Marton likewise posted two recordings on her TikTok that seemed, by all accounts, to be shot in close progression on July 27. One video references them discovering Adam’s body however in contrast to the Snapchat video, this video doesn’t include any recording of Adam’s body.

The two recordings have circulated around the web with 7.3 million on one and 1.9 million on the other.

In two of the recordings presented on Martin’s TikTok account, she can be seen wearing a jewelry however it’s obscure in case it is similar neckband Adams was wearing when he passed on.

Martin was accused as a grown-up of crime robbery from a human cadaver or grave however has been delivered on a $2000 bail. Martin’s companion faces similar charges yet as a minor.

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