Mac Jones Brian Burns Video – Mac Jones Grabs Ankle

mac jones ankle grab

Mac Jones Brian Burns Video – Panthers defensive end Brian Burns isn’t, by and large, prepared to forget about the past with Mac Jones.

In the principal quarter of the Patriots’ 24-6 triumph over the Panthers, Burns beat the Patriots’ hostile line and had an unmistakable chance at Jones. His hit evened out the newbie quarterback and constrained a mishandle, which the Panthers recuperated. As Burns sought after the ball, Jones got his leg and hung on. Consumes turned round, hit the ground, then, at that point, snatched at his lower leg in torment.

Consumes got back to the game however later left with a lower leg injury. Consumers didn’t buy Jones’ clarification either — that he thought Burns had the ball. Consumes added with a laugh that neither Jones nor Bill Belichick contacted apologize.

A few days have passed, however, Panther’s edge rusher Brian Burns has not chilled about his disagreement with Mac Jones from Sunday. Not so much as a tad.

Consumes met with the media in Carolina on Wednesday and shouted out with his sentiments in regards to the play where Jones got Burns’ lower leg after the guarded end constrained a bobble on a sack in the principal half of Sunday’s Patriots-Panthers game.

Jones said he thought Burns had the ball and accordingly attempted to handle him, however, Burns said he’s not accepting that one, as Jones got his arm after the sack. Consumes likewise expressly expressed that he accepts Jones attempted to bend his lower leg.

He likewise said he wasn’t by and large certain what occurred at the time, yet he reached his decision by watching replays. He likewise didn’t care for seeing the manner in which Jones left him in the wake of pulling him to the turf.

Consumes chuckled when inquired as to whether he had gotten any kind of statement of regret from Jones or Bill Belichick. Consumes said he might want a statement of regret from Jones, and he wishes he got an opportunity to play him again to convey a type of vigilante equity.

Without a trace of a Patriots rematch, Burns put out a message to individual pass rushers to convey some aggravation to Jones.

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