Liny TikTok – Nashville Waitress Made One Cent Begs Customers for Tip

Waitress says she was paid just 1 cent for 6 weeks of restaurant work

Liny TikTok – A server in the United States has uncovered the incredibly limited quantity of cash that she acquired serving tables throughout about a month and a half.

A TikTok user @lvndsmac, otherwise called Liny, shared a video of the payslip she acquired while working in an eatery in Nashville, Tennessee.

It probably won’t come as an astonishment to discover that in the United States, administration industry occupations are unbelievably low paid. The lowest pay permitted by law for tipped workers is only $2.13 60 minutes, notwithstanding, in Tennessee government, Social Security and Medicare charges are consequently deducted from a representative’s pay.

These expenses passed on Liny with only one penny to show for the month and a half of work that she had quite recently done. Liny subtitled the video:

“Life of a server this is 6 weeks of ‘pay’…TIP YOUR SERVERS!!!”

It’s not satisfactory how long that Liny had functioned or the amount she had been tipped during this period however individuals were shocked that somebody could be paid a modest quantity of cash in any work.

Her video, which has since been seen more than multiple times on TikTok with many individuals going to her guard and asking individuals to tip all the more in any case, more critically, for eateries to pay their staff more.

In any case, the clasp additionally began a discussion in the remarks with many inclinations that it ought not to be dependent upon the clients to give a living to a worker.

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