Lego October 2021 Calendar – Get Whole Detail

Lego October 2021 Calendar – Approach schedules, dinosaurs, a football arena, and Marvel Minifigures feature one more pressed month of LEGO dispatches, unconditional presents, and elite offers on the web and available.

While September isn’t as weighty on new deliveries as August, there’s still no relief for our poor, ambushed ledgers, between the shiny new line-up of Jurassic World, sets, a total series of Marvel Minifigures to gather, and a late expansion to this present summer’s LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian range.

Joyfully, there are likewise a lot of offers to exploit while getting those new sets and Minifigures, which removes a portion of the sting from following through on full cost for them. Here is a gather together of everything coming to our direction in LEGO this month, either currently affirmed or just supposed for the time being.

Camp Nou is as yet an arena loaded with history, and definitely worth the speculation for any Barcelona fan. Also, be among quick to purchase and you’ll get a beautiful awesome present with-buy – see beneath for deets.

Accessible from September 1-12 (or while stocks last) at and in LEGO Stores with the acquisition of 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona, this Minifigure-weighty GWP deifies a matchday custom at the Font de Canaletes (Canaletas Fountain), where Barca fans assemble to commend the group’s triumphs. It’s a fitting backup to the greater Barcelona set, and probable will not be around for long.

The LEGO Group is testing five new variations of existing sets, including 77940 Mighty Dinosaurs and 77942 Fiat 500, solely in the UK.

The most recent LEGO Harry Potter direct-to-shopper elite offers something unique for the Wizarding World subject, bringing Hedwig and an assortment of enchanted items to life in blocks. Look at our survey of 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition here before the set dispatches on September 2 (or September 15 in North America).

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