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For many YouTube enthusiasts, the official YouTube Premium subscription offers a tempting package: ad-free viewing, background playback, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing. However, this perk comes at a monthly cost. Lasted YouTube Premium, an unofficial application for iOS and Android devices, emerges as a potential alternative, promising similar features without the official price tag. But before diving into the download, this review delves into the app’s functionality, explores its advantages and drawbacks, and weighs it against other options.

What is Lasted YouTube Premium for iOS & Android (Float Tube Apk Download)?

Lasted YouTube Premium is an unofficial third-party application designed to mimic the functionalities of a native YouTube Premium app on iOS and Android devices. Since Google doesn’t currently offer such an app, Lasted YouTube Premium attempts to fill the gap by providing features unavailable in the free YouTube app.

How Lasted YouTube Premium for iOS & Android (Float Tube Apk Download) Works

Unlike the official YouTube app, Lasted YouTube Premium operates outside the Google Play Store and Apple App Store ecosystems. To install it, users typically need to download the Apk (Android application package) file from third-party sources. This process bypasses the app stores’ security checks, raising potential security concerns that we’ll explore later.

Once downloaded, Lasted YouTube Premium functions similarly to the official app. Users can browse YouTube content, watch videos, and access features like:

  • Background Play: Keep videos playing even when the app is minimized, allowing you to listen to music or podcasts without interruption.
  • Ad-Free Streaming: Enjoy videos without any ad breaks, creating a smoother viewing experience.
  • Downloads: Save videos for offline viewing, a valuable feature for situations with limited internet connectivity.
  • Float Tube Feature: This unique functionality lets you keep the YouTube player floating on top of other apps, enabling multitasking while still keeping an eye on the video.


Features of Lasted YouTube Premium for iOS & Android

  • Background Play: This highly sought-after feature allows users to listen to music videos or educational content in the background while using other apps. It essentially transforms YouTube into a background audio streaming platform, similar to Spotify or Apple Music.

  • Ad-Free Streaming: For many users, intrusive ads disrupt the viewing experience. Lasted YouTube Premium promises to eliminate these interruptions, allowing for a seamless flow of video content.

  • Downloads: Downloading videos for offline viewing can be a game-changer, especially when traveling or in areas with unreliable internet access. This feature lets you save your favorite content for later enjoyment without worrying about data usage or buffering issues.

  • Float Tube Feature: This innovative functionality sets Lasted YouTube Premium apart from the official app. It allows you to have a miniaturized, movable YouTube player that stays on top of other apps. This is particularly useful for situations where you want to keep an eye on a video while performing other tasks on your phone, like checking emails or browsing social media.

  • User Interface: Lasted YouTube Premium boasts a clean and user-friendly interface that closely resembles the official YouTube app. This familiarity makes navigation intuitive for users already accustomed to the official app.

  • Subscription Plans: Lasted YouTube Premium offers various subscription plans, including monthly and yearly options. These plans are often advertised as being more affordable compared to official YouTube Premium subscriptions.

  • Security (Unverified Claims): The app claims to utilize encryption technology to protect user data and two-factor authentication for added security. However, due to the app’s unofficial nature, there’s a lack of transparency regarding the actual security measures employed.

  • Customer Support: Lasted YouTube Premium offers customer support through various channels, such as email, social media platforms, and community forums. Users can potentially reach out for assistance with app functionality or troubleshooting issues.

Pros of Lasted YouTube Premium for iOS & Android 

Pros Description
Enhanced Functionality Offers features like background play, ad-free viewing, and downloads unavailable in the free YouTube app.
Offline Viewing Download videos for watching without an internet connection.
Improved User Experience Enjoy ad-free viewing and the ability to multitask with the float tube feature.
Potentially Lower Cost Subscription plans may be cheaper compared to official YouTube Premium.

Cons of Lasted YouTube Premium for iOS & Android 

Cons Description
Legality Concerns Using unofficial apps might violate Google’s terms of service and copyright laws. Downloaded videos should comply with fair use guidelines.
Security Risks Unofficial apps lack the same level of security scrutiny as official apps.

Lasted YouTube Premium for iOS & Android (Float Tube Apk Download):

Cons of Lasted YouTube Premium for iOS & Android 

Cons Description
Potential App Instability Some users have reported occasional crashes or bugs that can disrupt the user experience.
Reliance on Third-Party Developer Updates and bug fixes depend on the app’s developer, who might not be as prompt or reliable as established companies.
Limited Support Customer support might be less comprehensive and responsive compared to official channels.

Lasted YouTube Premium for iOS & Android (Float Tube Apk Download) Alternatives

Alternative Description Pros Cons
Official YouTube Premium Subscription service from Google Guaranteed security, legitimate access to premium features, official support Requires a monthly fee
Free YouTube with Ad-Blocking Extensions Utilize browser extensions to block ads while using the free YouTube app No cost, familiar interface Limited functionality (no background play, downloads), extensions might not be foolproof
Free, Legal Music Streaming Services Subscription services dedicated to music streaming Vast music libraries, legal and secure option No video content, may require a separate subscription for video streaming

Lasted YouTube Premium offers a tempting proposition for users seeking features like background play, ad-free viewing, and downloads without the cost of an official YouTube Premium subscription. However, this convenience comes with significant drawbacks. The app’s unofficial nature raises concerns about legality, security, and long-term reliability.

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Choose Lasted YouTube Premium if: Affordability is your top priority, and you prioritize features like background play, ad-free viewing, and the float tube functionality. You are aware of the potential risks associated with unofficial apps and willing to accept them.
  • Avoid Lasted YouTube Premium if: Security and data privacy are paramount. You rely on consistent app updates and trustworthy customer support. You are uncomfortable with the potential legal ramifications of using unofficial apps to access copyrighted content.


Lasted YouTube Premium offers a feature-rich experience that might appeal to budget-conscious users. However, the potential downsides regarding security, legality, and long-term stability cannot be ignored. If these concerns outweigh the cost savings, consider official alternatives like YouTube Premium or explore free, legal options for music streaming and ad-blocking on the official YouTube app.

FAQs: Lasted YouTube Premium for iOS & Android (Float Tube Apk Download)

1. Is Lasted YouTube Premium legal?

The legality of Lasted YouTube Premium is a gray area. Using unofficial apps to access premium features might violate Google’s terms of service and copyright laws. Downloaded videos should comply with fair use guidelines.

2. Is Lasted YouTube Premium safe?

Since Lasted YouTube Premium operates outside official app stores, there’s a lack of transparency regarding its security practices. Potential security risks include malware, data breaches, and unauthorized access to your device.

3. How much does Lasted YouTube Premium cost?

Lasted YouTube Premium often advertises subscription plans that are cheaper than official YouTube Premium. However, the exact cost might vary depending on the chosen plan and vendor.

4. What are the alternatives to Lasted YouTube Premium?

Several alternatives offer a more secure and legal experience:

  • Official YouTube Premium: Paid subscription with guaranteed features and support.
  • Free YouTube with Ad Blocking Extensions: Blocks ads while using the free YouTube app (limited functionality).
  • Free, Legal Music Streaming Services: Vast music libraries without video content (separate subscription for video streaming might be needed).

5. Where can I download Lasted YouTube Premium?

Lasted YouTube Premium is not available on official app stores. Downloading from third-party sources carries security risks.


This review aims to provide a balanced overview of Lasted YouTube Premium. The decision of whether or not to use this app ultimately depends on your individual priorities and risk tolerance.

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