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Kylie Sonique Love Instagram – EW talks with the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 champ about her battle for trans rights, her rebellious finale dress, THAT slip, and passing on destiny to God and Lady Gaga while wearing Willam’s A Star Is Born hairpiece.

Kylie Sonique Love is commending her RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 triumph on the floor.

No, as, truly. She’s on the floor as we interface by means of telephone, minutes after her delegated. Her dress is filthy — prior to moving around at everybody’s feet in unadulterated delight, a giant squeeze from individual finalist Eureka left a smooth of cosmetics slathered over the white material she slipped into for the event. In any case, as the AS6 finale demonstrated, Kylie is no more interesting to making it work from down underneath — regardless of whether it’s effortlessly recuperating from a mid-lip-sync tumble with an expertly ad libbed somersault, or mauling her direction from the base to the top in the battle for trans rights.

In the wake of completing season 2 of Drag Race in ninth spot, her amazing reclamation as the champ 11 years after the fact is one of the most great round trip examples of overcoming adversity in the show’s set of experiences, and she made a point to take all her activities on camera a stage forward for her local area. Like, she says, the American banner roused dress — propelled by the Confederate banner look RuPaul brandished in the exemplary film To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar — she wore to tape her crowning celebration scene.

Underneath, Kylie discloses how she intends to address the local area under her rule, her mistake on the runway, and passing on destiny to God and Lady Gaga while wearing Willam’s A Star Is Born hairpiece during a herstoric RuPaul’s Drag Race run.

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