Kyle Reyes Obituary – Death Cause; Passed Away

Kyle Reyes Obituary – Subsequent to going through what should be a standard medical procedure to reproduce a torn bicep, blended combative techniques contender Kyle “Boom” Reyes was delivered from a Las Vegas, Nevada emergency clinic and sent home. Around 27 hours after the fact, he was discovered oblivious in his room and was hurried to another clinic’s emergency unit he was treated for a fell lung, lung contaminations, high fever and mind expanding.

Reyes died Aug. 29 at Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center, with family and friends and family close by. He was 30.

Soon after Reyes’ demise, the dad of-two’s body was rolled out of an emergency clinic room on a bed and down a passage in an honor walk, a post mortem festivity consigned to the people who give their organs so others can live.

In the video, which was recorded and distributed via web-based media, Southern Hills Chief Nursing Officer Blake Romero noted and expressed gratitude toward Reyes for giving his organs.

Joshua Cabe, Reyes’ 37-year-old sibling, said thanks to Romero and the ICU staff.

The brief 11 second video finished with a battle photograph of Reyes, with arms reached out in triumph as the Guam Flag hung his neck and back.

The review and last regards will be Sept. 8 at Kraft Sussman Funeral and Cremation Services in Las Vegas from 2 to 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time – or 7 to 11 a.m. Sept. 9 CHamoru Standard Time.

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