Kyle Carruth Video – Wife of Chad Read Releases Video

Kyle Carruth Video – Chad Read, a 54-year-old Lubbock father, was lethally shot in South Lubbock outside his ex’s home after a showdown between the previous couple and the lady’s sweetheart on Nov. 5.

Court records recognized William Kyle Carruth as the man associated with shooting Read. The affirmation was endorsed by Judge Anne-Marie Carruth, who recorded the archive in a countersuit in her separation from Kyle Carruth.

Christina Read and Chad Read Argument Tied Child Custody

Video delivered by Jennifer Read, the current spouse of Chad Read, showed Chad contending with his ex, Christina Read, over not having one of them a few’s children accessible at a court-requested time.

During the contention, Christina could be heard saying the youngster was not home and that she planned to bring him. She additionally said that she didn’t comply with the court’s requested cutoff time since she needed to see their child.

Chad Read took steps to summon different individuals accordingly, including Kyle Carruth’s ex, Judge Anne-Marie Carruth. By then, Kyle, who recently advised Chad to leave the property, rose up out of the home with a rifle.

Chad Read and Kyle Carruth Argued

The two can be seen knocking chests as they contend. Chad Read provoked Kyle Carruth to utilize the weapon.

The two keep contending. Jennifer Read, who is shooting the squabble from a vehicle, reprimands somebody camera to call the police. Carruth is seen shooting a shot on the ground at Read’s feet.

The camera skillet at Read who has dropped on the ground as Jennifer Read calls again for somebody to call 911.

Jennifer tells Kyle she has the episode on record.

Chad Read’s Obituary Reveals Recent Marriage to Jennifer Read

A tribute for Chad Read showed that he “wedded the affection his life” Jennifer Read on Sept. 4, 2021.

Chad Read was a Lubbock local who moved on from Lewisville High School in 1985. The eulogy says he was “a genuine business visionary truly” and that he got back to Lubbock to bring a family up in 2000. The eulogy made no notice of his ex Christina Read yet showed he had three kids.

A burial service for Read occurred on Nov. 12.

Anne-Marie Carruth Married Kyle Carruth in 2008, Divorced him in 2021

Court filings show that the couple wedded in September 2009. They isolated in July 2021 and Kyle Carruth petitioned for legal separation in September. Their separation was settled fourteen days after the shooting.

The testimony, recorded on Nov. 8, was recorded as a component of Anne-Marie Carruth’s countersuit in the couple’s separation. As indicated by the counter appeal, Anne-Marie, a locale court judge, was requesting that the court prohibit her ex from their ninth Street home.

Gov. Greg Abbott delegated Anne-Marie Carruth judge of the 72nd Judicial District Court in Crosby and Lubbock Counties in January 2021 to assume control over the seat for a term set to lapse toward the finish of 2022.

Jennifer Read records request for youngsters; Kyle Carruth’s legal advisors say the shooting was self-protection

Through a lawyer, Jennifer Read recorded a request claiming that Christina Read has jeopardized the prosperity of two youngsters by permitting them to be within the sight of Kyle Carruth.

Texas Attorney General Reviewing Incident

The Texas Attorney General’s Office is evaluating the shooting after Lubbock police authorities turned over their records on their examination.

As of this composition, no charges have been recorded for the situation.

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