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Kuba Ka Death Cause – Over at the Daily Beast today we have a strange story that took us a little while to assemble: The horrifying subtleties in the demise of Jakub Stepniak, the performer we knew as “Kuba Ka” when we expounded on him without precedent for 2017.

Still, an extremely youngster, Kuba kicked the bucket in April after a delayed and dubious sickness that even his family attempted to disclose to us.

Because of our inclusion of Kuba’s brief and odd association in Scientology, we had been able to know Kuba, his mom Tina, and Kuba’s Uncle Danny.

It was Uncle Danny who went through Kuba’s last a long time with him in a condo in Los Angeles, and he and Tina not just gave us personal insights regarding Kuba’s abnormal destruction, they gave us admittance to clinical records, telephone accounts, and Kuba’s dissection report.

Everything amounts to probably the most abnormal passing we’ve heard at any point ever about, and we wish we had realized that Kuba was going through such a lot of agony in 2020 and mid-2021.

We had the opportunity to like him especially in 2017 when we heard that he had left Scientology after it went through a while preparing him to turn into the Hollywood Celebrity’s next whiz. On the off chance that you recollect that, he let us know that he intended to have his 26th birthday celebration party at the Celebrity Center in 2017, yet authorities there shied away when he said he needed to acquire debilitated children from a neighborhood clinic so they could partake in the merriments. Scientology, assist with sicking kids? Is it accurate to say that he was insane?

Significantly seriously dumbfounding, he said he had proposed welcoming Leah Remini, trusting it may assist with mending the break between the ‘Lord of Queens’ entertainer and Scientology.

We told Kuba there was a little marvel that the Celebrity Center had discovered his thoughts offensive.

We had a fun time conversing with Kuba and his mom, we welcomed them to our Howdycon that year, which was held in Denver (lamentably, they were occupied and couldn’t make it). Kuba, in the meantime, chose to change to another persona and started calling himself “So be it Ra.”

Unfortunately, we forgot about one another by then, thus his demise this spring came as a significant shock. Yet, that main intrigued us to discover what had befallen him, and we were paralyzed by what we found.

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