Kirsten Singer TikTok – Hooters Server Reveals Kirsten Songer

Kirsten Singer TikTok – Kirsten Songer is a teenage Tik Tok star who offered her tips on TikTok as a Hooters waiter.

Kirsten Songer is a web star who functions as a barkeep at Hooters in South Carolina. Her everyday TikTok recordings, which are habitually interesting, have put her on the map.

As per the source, Kristen, a 22-year-old Hooters server, has posted an intriguing video on TikTok displaying what she looks like in her Hooters clothing with and without a cushioned bra.

The video has been seen by countless individuals up to this point.

Kristen likewise engages her fans by responding to their inquiries, and a portion of her recordings are intriguing.

Individuals worship her and follow her on Instagram and Facebook, among other online media stages.

Who is Kirsten Songer Hooters Server?

Kirsten Songer is an online media force to be reckoned with who is at present taken on clinical school.

Kirsten has been functioning as a server at Hooters for over a year.

Songer plays out a few deceives and uses her working environment to finish different stunt shots.

Kirsten has additionally examined the troubles she experienced while functioning as a server.

Kirsten Songer Age And Wikipedia Bio

Kirsten Songer has not come to the authority page of Wikipedia starting at 2021.

Kirsten’s definite date of birth is at present obscure. Nonetheless, in 2021, she will be 22 years of age. Consistently, apparently, she praises her birthday with her dear loved ones.

Kirsten got the most elevated distinctions from the University of South Carolina, as she likewise moved on from that point while functioning as a server.

Kirsten has been seeking after her aspiration of working in medication, and she is likewise a fantastic understudy.

Songer is otherwise called one of Hooters’ main ten local delights, and she was picked to show up for the Hooters schedule in 2022.

Kisten gives off an impression of being sensibly tall dependent on her actual look. Taking a gander at her photographs, Kirsten is by all accounts around 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Kirsten Songer Salary – How Much She Make On Tiktok?

On her confirmed TikTok page, Kirsten has uncovered how much cash she makes in tips in a customary week.

As per her, Kirsten filled in as a barkeep for seven hours and procured $540 in tips on Sundays.

She worked a twofold shift on Monday, procuring $300 for the primary shift, which kept going from 10:30 in the first part of the day to 5:30 in the evening. She scarcely made $50 from 5:30 p.m. to 12 PM that evening.

Kirsten uncovered on June 13 that she functioned as a waiter at Hooters and raked in some serious cash from the everyday tips she got from the visitors.

Kirsten supposedly acquired $2.13 each hour in tips for each shift she worked in multi-week.

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