Keeple APK Download Latest Version For Android iOS 2019

There are many things in home which are not used every day. And some objects remains as same as they are brought. Purchasing too much and not using often cause mess in home. In such cases, you are often unable to sale your new and unused products due to unavailability of proper plate form for them.

Keeple is a wonderful app for resolving all of these problems. You can rent and sale anything over there. By using this app, you can share books, bicycles, TV, Fridge and any other household item with others.

Keeple App: rent or buy things from friends

The Keeple App is specially designed to lend your extra products and getting money. You can also sale new items over there using this app.

You just have to install this app in your android device according to given instructions. After that, connect this app with your Facebook’s friend list by which your friends can see whatever you are offering to them. This connectivity also provides you a site over which you can also see what products and items, your friends are posting there.

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Now it’s time to register your spare products to which you are going to lend. On the other hand, you can also add your new products which you want to sale. If you just want to lend your product, add all the possible descriptions like price, features, name, model and conditions etc.

This will let your friends to know about the item properly and make easy access.

Keeple APK Screenshot

For selling any product, selling rate must be mentioned properly. You can also add personal complementation or short reminders related to your product. In this way, you will be helped to remember the date, price and all the necessary descriptions related to your products when required.

You can also control the privacy of your Keeple list. Like you have already seen on Facebook, you can control the privacy of your posts which means you can share your stuff either with friends, only me, or with everyone. In the same way, you can also manage to show your product list to limited persons only with its smart options.

If you are going to present books and other literature material, you must give brief descriptions about them so that the buyer can easily get the desired product using this app. For example, you must mention the proper title, author, volume and price of the book.

You can also share your contact number, email or other related links on Keeple by which people can easily connect to you. You can also invite your friends on the app using its link on different other social sites. Install this app from the official site where link is available without any cost and enjoy your leisure time business for free.

Keeple APK Features

  • Free to install
  • Link with Facebook
  • Easy to use
  • Registered products with proper details
  • A good app for lending and selling all the products
  • Supporting android only
  • A step towards earning

How to Download & Install Keeple APK

Renting or buying things from your friends is not that easy was before. Now rent things with Keeple app. To download keeple apk click over the link give below

Keeple App Download  Android

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Keeple App Download  For iOS

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Keeple  Apk Download — Manage your stuff

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