Jimmy Jones Tiktok Drama – Jimmy Jones and Brianna TikTok

Jimmy Jones Tiktok Drama – This week, an entire heap of shows has arisen on TikTok including Jimmy Jones.

Notwithstanding, he tended to and denied the charges in a TikTok video.

Jimmy Jones is a TikTok maker with more than 934,000 devotees.

The 32-year-old from North Carolina has had 17 million preferences for him where he posts famous satire plays.

He is likewise enthusiastic about Instagram, with 122,000 devotees, and has a YouTube channel, yet he doesn’t seem to post on there any longer.

An embarrassment has arisen internet including Jimmy and his ex Brianna.

As indicated by her Instagram, she is a clothing entrepreneur and established her image God and Country Apparel.

She used to show up in his TikTok recordings, however, they as of late separated after he undermined her.

In a TikTok video, he clarified that Brianna needed children and he didn’t, which prompted issues in their relationship. Then, at that point, he confessed to undermining her and kissing another young lady.

Jimmy then, at that point, went on Instagram Live on Monday (November first) to address the claims one last time.

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