James Kilcer Video – Marine Corps Veteran Employed

James Kilcer Video – The speedy reasoning activity and prepared insight from a Marine Corps Veteran utilized as a project worker at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) helped upset an endeavor to ransack a Chevron representative at weapon point in Yuma on Oct. 20, as per the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO).

James Kilcer said he visits the Chevron on North Frontage Road around three times each prior week taking off to work at YPG.

He had bought two or three Gatorades, caffeinated drinks, and a tidbit that morning while at the same time chatting with the agent he has been able to know throughout the long term.

Reconnaissance video shows the second three speculates sporting dark with veils entered the Chevron. A .22 type handgun could be found in the possession of the frontman pointing toward the representative and Kilcer.

With keys in one hand and a sack of products in the other, Kilcer without a second thought dropped his keys, depended on his Marine Corps preparing, and went for the gun.

The individual captured by representatives was an adolescent as indicated by YCSO, and was accused of one count of furnished burglary and one count of bothered attack.

The two different suspects found in the video ran away from the area. Representatives captured one of them, an adolescent, on Oct. 22.

While Kilcer’s activities were gallant they shouldn’t be rehashed by anybody figuring they can bring down an equipped individual, as indicated by Chief Donnie Lucas with the YPG Police Department.

Kilcer filled in as a strategic air activity professional in the Marine Corps and was conveyed to Afghanistan during his time in the military. He attributes his activities to his Marine Corps ‘ essential preparation and attitude.

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