Ivanka Trump Flashing Hot Dog Vendor – Ivanka Trump Was Obsessed

Ivanka Trump Flashing Hot Dog Vendor – During her time working in her dad’s White House, Ivanka Trump was fanatically unyielding about denying a dark tale concerning how she and a few companions supposedly “flashed” a frank seller when they were youngsters.

In her new tell-all book, Grisham uncovers that Ivanka demanded that she and others from the White House press office work to crush the frank merchant story.

Elsewhere in the world Wednesday, a group of cold case specialists accept they have distinguished the infamous Zodiac Killer – and connected him to different homicides.

On the off chance that Ivanka Trump had a specific thought of what life in the White House would have been similar to, she was most certainly managed some severe shock. The oldest girl of previous President Donald Trump appeared to be under the feeling that specific West Wing press workplaces were available to her at whatever point a story Ivanka considered repulsive came out. What’s more, there was one specific record of Ivanka purportedly blazing a sausage merchant in secondary school that she needed the White House to mediate and quietness, as per Stephanie Grisham’s new book.

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