Imagitor Urdu Design Apk


Imagitor Urdu Design Apk:

Imagitor Urdu Design Apk.

Graphic design application to create copyrights, graphics, and other visual content.

Amigator is a free graphic design app for creating social media posts, presentations, posters, brochures, and other content.


Get very creative and use your imagination to write your next Facebook post, business card, event brochure, inspirational presentation, fan poster or political review.


Urdu text in pictures:

Arabic text in the image.
Persian text in the image.
Online templates for design at just the right time.
Choose one of the colorful and unique text styles.
Rotate the text to convert it into your own text. Text bracket
Text style, strokes, shadows, borders and background.
The Text box to create the right business logo.
Manage recommendations, move, hide and lock classes.
A wide range of Urdu, Arabic and Farsi fonts.
Choose the scores from memory and adjust yourself.

Create a logo for your business.
Army emblem template set.
Graphic Collection: Add templates and shapes for your expression.
Add background colors gradually to your posts.
Multiple languages: Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Hindi, English and many more.
Army Mail Builder
Generator of Arab mail
Persian mail maker.

Amigator is very purposeful, you can freely design anything you want.

Important: Local keyboard is required for Urdu, Arabic, Farsi and Hindi.

Create your own stylish Urdu name in photos with beautiful fonts and backgrounds.


Urdu Satellite Name Maker is an Urdu text editor that creates a stylish and beautiful name in beautiful fonts. Stylish Text Maker creates stylish text in a way. Stylish Name Maker 2019 is used to create a stylish name maker in your image.


Urdu Stylist Name Stylist creates stylish text on Apple with stylish font keyboards by adding stylish fonts to the text. Stylist Text Maker creates a stylish name for Facebook slide pictures.

Urdu Stylish Name Making Features:

Stylish text for photos from the gallery.

Stylish name in the picture from the camera.

The name of the stylish army on the birthday cake Happy birthday to your friends and family.

Stylish text builder in Seam,
Stylish Urdu text in the background of the heart to express love.

Necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Put stylish names on jewelry like.

Beautiful HD wallpapers and stylish text art in the background.

Create a stylish text background and screenshot for your phone.

Disseminate Urdu poetry in your army on social media.

Stylish text art in Urdu,
System keyboard and Urdu keyboard are installed.

Urdu text in the picture.

Urdu poetry collection. And Urdu poetry in Urdu.

A collection of beautiful pictures, frames, love, Islam and similar labels.

Emphasizes beautiful text such as shadows, contours and transparency.


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