Hustle Castle Mod APK v1.10.0: Download for Android & iOS 2019

Playing the games with friends and family is not only trending but also increase the duration of spending time with them. Similarly, games make you relax and release mental stress. Your attention diverts from your hectic life style towards entertainment so you feel fresh.

There are many games available on the internet with amazing stories and features. Hustle Castle is a unique game which have different story. The game play is pretty much simple and all the instructions are available related to it. You can play the game for free. The basic story of hustle castle includes the construction of the castle as being the king of the medieval world.

Hustle Castle Mod APK 2019

A role-playing game developed and published by The idea behind the game is to build your own castle, protect it from enemies and attack on other’s castle.

Hustle Castle (Mod God Mode, High Damage) available both for Android and iOS to download but before you get the in your device understand the GamePlay.

Hustle Castle GamePlay

It is a very interesting game in which some demons attacks on your castle and takes your princess from here. It must be mentioned that you are the king of the castle.

So after this great loss, the king become worried and began to make some protective measures for preventing further loss.

In the beginning, you need to make your residence strong so that you and your warriors would be protected here. Secondly, make your armed forces strong enough so that they can fight against the enemy during the war.

You can trade your army with the neighboring players so that you can get the best fighters every time.

You will be rewarded with the gold coins, apple and other prizes. After passing some stages, you will get new residents and new people for many other tasks. They can work for the king; find new resources for castle and for the development of the city.

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There are many features and specified regions in the game. For example, you will be provided a map on which you can see the castles of other players.

Similarly, your castle has also categorized areas for the production and maintenance. There are mainly 3 different rooms for the saving resources, for the production of weapons and food and for health care. Here you can make a magic lab where you can do extraordinary stuff.

There is a very famous throne room for updating other rooms and for unlocking them.

The game has multi options like you can play it alone and also with your family using multi player option. The overall experience would be so delighting once you play the game. The graphics of the hustle castle are 2D but it can provide you a nice display because the developers have used an amazing color scheme in building this game.


  • Story based game
  • Multiple options and modes are available
  • You can play with single and multiple players
  • Require internet connection for processing
  • Allow permissions of unknown source before installing the game
  • New feature of unlocking everything in the game
  • 3 main types of rooms
  • Production room: For storage of resources and production
  • Training room: For training residents and armed forces for war
  • Support room: For weapons and health resources

Download Hustle Castle Mod APK

Overall, the game is interesting and you’ll enjoy it. Download hustle castle mod apk in your android device and ipa in your iOS.

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