Hawkeye Episode 4 Reddit – Every Marvel Easter Egg

Hawkeye Episode 4 Reddit – Hawkeye scene 4 brings a film character to Disney+, returns to Clint Barton’s MCU past, and drops a sack loaded with Marvel Easter eggs down the chimney stack.
As Clint’s Christmas commencement proceeds, Hawkeye scene 4 opens the most recent entryway on Disney+’s appearance schedule of Marvel and MCU Easter eggs. Despite the happy subject, Hawkeye takes Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop into the shockingly un-Christmassy domain. Regardless of whether it’s Barton’s anguish over Natasha, or Bishop getting the brush off from her Avengers icon, Hawkeye’s Yuletide cheer doesn’t exactly darken the gravity of her life. Luckily, there are sufficient MCU Easter eggs under Hawkeye’s tree to adjust scene 4’s more intelligent minutes.
Getting away from a brush with Kate Bishop’s mom and stepfather (and affirming Clint doesn’t have a history with Jack Duquesne in the MCU), the arrow-based weaponry buddies bond over a film long-distance race, pizza, and how to kill somebody with pocket change. The circumstance takes a turn when Hawkeye finds the area of scene 1’s taken Avengers Compound watch and decides to recover it with Kate as his (excessively) willing associate. The mission turns sideways after Echo and Yelena Belova appear – the previous hunting Ronin and the last option shipped off kill Barton by Val in the post-credits succession of Black Widow. Enduring flashbacks to Vormir, Hawkeye educates his new companion to return home.
Fortunately, scene 4’s passionate exciting ride makes Easter eggs stop en route. There are immediate lifts from the Marvel funnies, references toward Hawkeye’s inconspicuous MCU past, and unpretentious signs highlighting the apparition of Christmas curves on the way.
Plunking down for a family talk, Jack Duquesne, Clint Barton, Eleanor Bishop, and Kate all beverage from mugs enhanced with green hexagons and honey bees. Both are visual signs of the Breaking Bad establishment, which likely isn’t an incident, since Jack entertainer Tony Dalton is well known for depicting Lalo Salamanca in Better Call Saul.
Discussing Eleanor Bishop as a deceitful more odd, numerous Hawkeye watchers speculate Kate’s mom is Madame Masque from the Marvel funnies, or if nothing else knows her. Playing into that hypothesis, a few bits of work of art hanging behind the scenes of scene 4 show a clear confronted lady, fairly like Madame Masque’s conventional appearance. The primary clue can be found in the Bishop penthouse loft after Hawkeye leaves, and there’s a second drawing on the lower right divider in Echo’s home.
Following scene 3’s vehicle pursue arrangement, Hawkeye left the MCU devoted pondering where Clint Barton’s stunt bolts were coming from. He’s resigned from SHIELD, and Hank Pym doesn’t exactly arrange as Hawkeye’s long-lasting provider, so except if Tony Stark is making weapons from past the grave, stunt bolts ought to be hard to find. To Kate Bishop’s absolute consternation, Hawkeye scene 4 affirms so a lot. A couple of pointed stones to the side, Jeremy Renner’s quiver is everything except exhausted of stunt bolts, uncovering one more result of Tony Stark’s grievous destruction.
Hawkeye shows to Kate Bishop how his genuine ability isn’t arrow-based weaponry, yet crazy exactness by and large, as he turns off the TV by throwing a little Christmas improvement across the room. This stunt aligns MCU Hawkeye more with the comic books, where Clint can throw things of various types with dangerous exactness – including toothpicks and his fingernails.
After an evening of happy fun, Clint Barton settles down to one more night tormented by his awful recollections. Hawkeye streaks back to the Barton family getting snapped in the initial scene of Avengers: Endgame, Black Widow’s passing from a similar film, and there’s likewise never-before-seen film of Ronin killing criminals.
Chilling with Hawkeye in her auntie’s condo, Kate Bishop wears a top including Laika, the Russian canine who went into space. Kate wore this same article of clothing in Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye funnies, which have filled in as essential motivation for the Disney+ series hitherto.
Presented in Hawkeye scene 2, Grill the LARPer gestured to a comic person of a similar name, however, a portion of his costumed companions have Marvel history too. Kate Bishop meets a cop called Wendy Conrad – the genuine name of Hawkeye lowlife Bombshell, who appeared in 1983. Additionally addressing the froth sword crowd is Orval, who could be the MCU’s Orville Bock – another shot-themed Marvel character, also called Oddball.
After the LARP aficionados assault his stopgap HQ, a Dungeons and Dragons banner shows up on the loft divider. Back in 2019, Jeremy Renner was one of a few names joined to the 2023 Dungeons and Dragons film variation, however, the job ultimately went to Chris Pine. Figured it very well may be a happenstance (D&D is as yet the dictum for LARPing, properly or wrongly), the banner could likewise gesture toward what might’ve been for Renner’s acting vocation. It’s a What If…? scene in the works.
Likewise added to the condo is a line of computer games, with Tomb Raider, highlighted unmistakably in shot. However retro gamers will recollect Lara Croft for double guns, detonating in midair and those feared submerged levels, the latest manifestation is more known for employing a bow and bolt, attracting a corresponding to Kate Bishop as an individual renowned anecdotal female bowman.
At long last, Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova makes her MCU return after Black Widow’s post-credits scene. Battling Clint Barton with her face darkened, numerous watchers would’ve speculated the secret figure’s character from her battling style. Most outstandingly, Yelena does a Natasha Romanoff-Esque superhuman posture after being knocked off her feet. Yelena cleverly derided Black Widow’s brand name position during their last experience together, however has now embraced the arrival as her own – reasonable as an accolade for her fallen more seasoned sister.

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