Gary Plauche Video – Why Gary Why Interview Book Updates

Gary Plauche Video – Gary Plauche, the one who shot dead the one who seized and attacked his eleven-year-old child, has stayed the focal point of an overall discussion on morals for a really long time.


In 1984 on live TV, Gary Plauche shot dead the one who had seized and physically attacked his eleven year-old child.

In February 1984, Jeff Doucet grabbed Jody Plauche (Gary’s child). The police at last found Jody and assaulted the inn, effectively capturing Doucet.

On Friday, March 16, 1984, Doucet was flown back from California to Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport to confront preliminary.

At the air terminal, Gary Plauche discharged a solitary shot at Doucet as he strolled past. It hit the right half of his head at a point of clear reach. Gary Plauche put the gnu down prior to being controlled by the police.

One of the officials can be heard shouting:

“Why, Gary, why?”

Gary Plauche got seven years on a suspended sentence, five years probation, and 300 hours of local area administration, which he did at his neighborhood church. The appointed authority said he was no danger to the local area and he served no prison time.

Gary Plauche died on October 21st, 2014 at 68 years old because of difficulties from a stroke brought about by diabetes.


In 2019, five years after the passing of his dad, Jody delivered his book named:

“Why, Gary, Why? The Jody Plauche Story.”

As of late, Jody opened up to The Sun about his dad’s activities and how he felt at that point. He clarified:

“I understand why he did what he did. But it is more important for a parent to be there to help support their child than put themselves in a place to be prosecuted.”

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