Game Killer APK v4.10: Download Latest Version (Android,iOS,PC) 2019

Game Killer APK – modify your favorite games and enjoy unlimited coins, golds, and gems in the game to complete difficult levels in the game.

There are many people who are very fond of playing games. In initial steps it is easy and interesting to play any game but after some levels, they are unable to play further due to difficulty in playing however curiosity and interest remains the same.

For solving this problem, an amazing app has been launched by the name as Game Killer APK.  It is basically a free android app which allow you to modify your desired video game or app. You can insert some specific codes from the background while the game is running which can change the values in question section of your game according to your desire.

Game Killer APK Download 2019

Game killer APK – a very interesting and demanding app as it makes your game very easy. The app allow you to create a modified version of the any of the other app or game. You can modify game according to your needs and enjoy your game.

Game Killer APK
Game Killer APK

Most of the people modify the game to cheat in the game, and enjoy unlimited resources in the game. So, if you want to get unlimited money, gold, and gem in any of game then Game Killer app can help you out.

App NameGame Killer APK
Latest Version4.10
Stable Version4.10
App Size512 KB
CompatibilityAndroid 4.0+
Root RequirementYes

Now, you don not have to buy resources in the game to complete your current levels or unlock the next level. Just have this amazing tool in your smartphone hack the game and play like a boss.

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How to Modify Games with Game Killer APK

Game Killer APK modify the games by using the memory modifying technique that help help you to unlock unlimited resources in the game. It woks and supports latest Android OS versions such as Lollipop, Marshmallow and nougat.

To modify the game first you have to install the Game Killer APK file in your device, to this go to the installation section below. Then jump to the game hack section in order to modify your game.

Game killer is not supported for online games because such games have remote server to access which is hard to modify or hack. So you can only enjoy and crack the codes on offline games by using this super cool application.

Game Killer APK Features

Here follow are all the Game Killer APK features:

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  • Game killer is free App
  • Hack or modify Games
  • Get unlimited resources (coins, gems, gold etc.) in your favorite game
  • In built search feature to find out the desired parameter related to level of game.
  • Semi transparent icon easily visualized on your screen
  • you can select any game which you wanted to hack by using this app.
  • Specific unload code is required for every game to be hacked.
  • Game killer is supported for almost all android smartphones.
  • Auto identifying option, [the code required to crack the level of the game is automatically accessed


How to Download and Install Game Killer APP

It is an open source, free to install android application by which you can change the memory of the game and alter the resource codes of the game. The app is not available on play store so you can install it from the our site or any of other trusted source.

You can hack the game by simply installing the game, for this first download its apk file in your smartphone from the give link. But before this first check if your device is compatible with apk file or not

First and foremost requirement of installing its apk file, Game killer only works by rooting with your android device so you have to root your device for using this app for which you must make sure which system of rooting is used by your device.


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Here are the minimum requirements to install Game Killer APK

  • Android Version 4.0+
  • Rooted Device
  • All permissions of installation
  • Local permissions
  • 1 GB RAM
  • WiFi or Mobile Data connection

Then you just have to install this app by following these simple steps:

  • Launch the downloaded Game Killer APK file
  • But Android will not allow you install the app other than Play Store, but don’t worry, just enable the “Unknown Source” from Security.
  • Now again launch it and it will start installation process, it will take some time to install
  • Once the installation process completed, now its ready to for to use
  • All the other process of creating account is same as in original one

How to Hack Game with Game Killer APK

Once you installed Game Killer on your device then launch the game which you want to modify. Whenever you open to play your game, game killer is already linked with it and you can access it very easily as you can see a small transparent icon of this app while playing the game.

Pause the game and check the score you need to cross the level. In the search section of this app, search those values you wanted to change in the continued level of your game. You can also use auto identify option by which the needed score is automatically scanned otherwise you can use search option for unique codes.

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