6 Best Free Crypto Earning Mobile Games

You can earn free Bitcoin from games, many games offer you to play and earn free Bitcoin. Crypto games are based on play-to-earn phenomena, hunting on 1st Oct 2021. Blockchain games are included as crypto games. In video game monetization Publishers generate revenue from video games, the game as a service(GAAS) is also a video game industry that earn 2$ billion from Gaas transactions in 2018. Many Crypto games, best crypto NFT games, Axie Infinity, Decetraland, Alien worlds, The sandbox, Zed run, Blankos block party, Gods unchained, are the best crypto earn games.

Best crypto earning mobile games

Axie infinity:

The development of Anxiety Infinity is in 2007, which is based on crypto kitties, these are blockchain games which is developed by a Canadian studio, allowing the players to purchase, collect and sell virtual cats. this is the easiest game to play, don’t wants your attention, play it during leisure hours, this game get popular in December 2017.

Axie Infinity is the NFT (Non-fungible token) based game which is developed by “Vietnamese” studio, which uses a decentralized open-source blockchain-based on cryptocurrencies. September 2021 Axie infinity players are from officially the Republic of the Philippines. Axie Infinity is a built-in Ronin network that steals approximately US$620 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

Axie infinity

The game uses the pay-to-earn method which is also known as the “Pay to play to earn” model. The game participant uses cost to play the game and earn.

Alien Worlds:

This is the new Crypto game that allows you to hunt the Alien coins and you can exchange these Alien coins for real money, and these coins are converted into the NFTs of a different planet. This game is also based on play-to-earn phenomena. TLM tokens are used to motivate the players to play the game and compete against one another.

Alien Worlds is an exciting game that contains colorful mixtures of gameplay genres. In this game, you can discover new locations, solve puzzles, fight with robots and collect all the gold and crystals, fight with the enemy and solve obstacles. Download this game enjoy the game and earn real money from Alien Worlds.

Alien WorldsThe sandbox:

This is a crypto game for mobile phones and Microsoft Windows, which is developed by the pixel studio and released on May 15, 2012, and is based on a 3D blockchain open-world game. It provides a tool to the users the nonlinear gameplay which is known as the sandbox mode. This is a video game in which players achieve specific goals and explore freedom, and modify the game environment. this game is free to play, you don’t pay any cost to play the game. this is the virtual world where players can build and monetize their gaming.

Zed run:

Zed runs is a digital horse racing game, built on the blockchain and based on the play-to-earn phenomena. this is the digital platform of racing where you can rece, sell, and breed your own digital NFT racing horse. This will make money for it and spend hours in this world. You can easily get 5.5x of winning the Zed run

Blank Block party:

This is the multiplayer game, which is designed as a giant blanks party, which focuses on custom art and design, building and exploring and making your collections, and making your unique and rareblankos.

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