Fern Flores Video – Louie Castro And Fernando Break Up

Fern Flores Video – YouTube star Louie Castro and sweetheart Fernando Flores have formally separated.

Notwithstanding their separation, the dramatization in Louie and Fernando’s life hasn’t died down. As of late, Louie, who’s one of YouTube’s cherished cosmetics craftsmen, took to his channel and spilled some tea about their separation.

Fernando too put out an assertion about the separation on his Instagram.
While Fernando is yet to post a video about it, Louie took to his YouTube on Thursday, December 23, to eliminate any confusion.
While Louie clarified when and why the couple separated, one more clasp of Fernando is becoming famous online via web-based media.
Fernando posted an Instagram story clarifying the circumstance. The currently erased post was caught by YouTuber Sebastian Soto.
Louie affirmed in his YouTube video that it had to be sure been close to 30 days since their separation. The cosmetics craftsman additionally discussed a video of him at a club that is becoming famous online too.

The star uncovered that he was simply hitting the dance floor with his companions in a club and the clasp was misjudged because fans didn’t be aware of his and Fernando’s separation.
Despite all the dramatization, most fans were crushed later they found out with regards to Louie and Fern’s separation.

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