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Facebook is the most common social site where you can upload your images, make them profile photo, upload a cover photo make your own friend circle and many more and if you need FB Auto Liker Apps. It’s a good way to interact with other people and make you updated with what’s new in the world. You can update a status and share it with friends and public as you want.

It has some privacy rules to which you can select according to your choice. FB liking is another trending scene now days. Some people want to become popular and want to have maximum likes on their profile photo and Facebook Status. They love to make their account mentioned by Facebook. For this purpose, they promote their accounts on different sites and Facebook groups.

But here find some FB auto liker apps and websites that allow you to get unlimited likes in just few seconds. These applications have options not only to increase your likes but also comments and other FB reactions to accounts, pages, group posts, news feed and much more automatically on your Facebook accounts.


What is Facebook Auto Liker 2020 & How it Works?

A Facebook Auto Liker Apps (‘FB Auto Liker’) is actually provide a platform where you can increase you Facebook like, comments and reactions on FB posts, profile photos and videos.

Now you can get unlimited Facebook like through these apps and sites for free.

How FB (Facebook) Auto Liker Works

If you talk about FB auto liker working then its pretty easy, you just select the one auto liker from the list and go to its website or install its app. Then provide your FB credentials in the website or auto liker app then copy the login token and paste where the site/app asks you. That’s it you have done, now you will see in the dashboard you are logged in Facebook and there are your FB posts.

Select the post, status or video for which you want to  get like/comments then select the reactions from the list and boom. After few seconds you will see you FB post is populated with likes or unlimited FB reactions.

One please be clear in your mind, FB auto like did not give you robotic FB likes, its the game of exchanging you with others. These auto like app just provide you the platform to exchange FB likes. Before using auto liker every should be public in your accounts settings.

These FB auto liker are available on both smartphone version and web version. Android user can easily get this app on their devices but for iOS devices you’ve to Facebook Auto Liker & How it Works?

Best Facebook Auto liker Apps & Websites: Get unlimited FB Likes & Reactions

If you want to get FB Like then Fb auto liker app can help you a lot. You can get FB likes and reacts as much as you can with these App and website. Here we jot down best auto liker in the market available now days.


4liker is the one of the best FB Auto Liker application which helps you to increase likes and comments and followers on your FB and Instagram posts, videos, and page. Install the app in your device and login in through it. And follow the instructions in the 4liker app then Upload any picture and post something on your account or page where you want to get likes.

But before this, Make sure that your account is on public and anyone can follow you. After few minutes you will see that thousands of like you receive on your account. The application is simple and easy to use but if you face any difficulty in using the app then read this tutorial of 4liker apk post on our site.

In this way, you can promote your account, get thousands of like comments and share and can increase your followers very quickly.

DJ Liker for Facebook

The auto like application is worth amazing because you can get maximum likes by it for free. The app can help you to promote your account page or any post on Facebook without any lengthy process.

Join any of the FB page on which you need likes, add the amount of the likes you want to have and post something, after some time you will have the same amount of likes on your post. The DJ Liker auto liker is a spam free and do not publish anything related to it on your page or wall of the account.


VivoLiker – an app or website that let the user get as much likes as he/she want on FB page or account. The application has simple interface. You can see your likes which have got on page on full screen with ease.

The app provide you 50 auto likes in each attempt and again get more 50 after 13 minutes of delay.

Using the VivoLiker, you can promote your business, good ideas and other informative material you want to share with public. Its installation is totally free and it is ads free application. Its working is also free.

Auto Liker Facebook (FastLiker, All AutoLiker, Wefbee, IceLike)

The app is designed to promote your page or profile by getting thousands of likes on it. There is no need to perform any specific task for it. You just have to install the app and login through it.

Post whatever you want to promote and after sometime you will many people have reached on it. The application is simple, easy and free to install. The app consumes less data as compared to other applications. Get unlimited FB reactions likes and comments on your FB Post.

Machine Liker – Facebook Auto Liker

The app named so because it works like machine. You just need to login FB from the app and select the post on which you want to increase likes. The application would amaze you after showing thousands of likes within minutes.

It can also automatically add comments on your post so that it would appear as it is not promoted by bots. You can get this application for free. Moreover it is safe and secure for your android device.

Himzi AutoLike

Initially, Himzi autolike was an Indonesian FB auto liker this is the reason you will find the most of the users from Indonesia in the app. But now the auto liker is popular all over the world and works same as it name, you can get hundreds of likes on your post through it within few minutes.

Every Submit provide you 500 like and you can repeat this process just after 15 minutes delay.

Himzi working is also very simple and you can get upto 15,000 likes in a say with this app. Set your account to public and the post you want to promote must be on public.

After that login via FB liker and choose the post on which you want to get promotion. You will find likes of even those people on your post, who never like and comment on your posts.

Leet Liker

The Leet Liker app is quite similar with other fb auto liker apps in the list but it also has some other unique features. You have to simply login with this app and select the post, status or video of which you want to promote and want to get likes on it.

After that choose public whose likes you want to have on your post like male, female and both. Your post will get as much likes as you need on it. Its installation is free and it’s a user friendly application.

Bugs Liker

Next auto liker in the list is Bugs Liker, it has capacity to provide you 10k+ auto likes, comments and follower in a day on your fb profile. Its pretty new auto liker that only provide you FB likes but in future updates they may be start Instagram and TikTok auto liker.

Provide you original fb likes that never decrease automatically. You just need to download bugs liker apk file in your device and login with your Facebook account. That’s all you have to do… it will start working for you.

MG Liker

MG Liker app works smoothly with simple and easy interface. It helps to promote your account and getting maximum likes on your FB post, profile photo and video.

It works very properly keeping and provide you 300 likes, auto comments and follower in one attempt. If you have any issue related to apps working. You can email to support on its email address and seek help by application management.

Jio Liker/YoLikers

Previously working with the name of Jio Liker but now they change its name to YoLikers. You just need to visit Jio Liker site or sign in using the Jio Liker app and choose the upload on which you want to have likes, it works according to the command and surprise you with results.

It provide 100 likes, comments and followers in each turn and each turn can be repeat after 15 minutes delay.

Overall amazing auto liker working from many years and include huge user database that help you to gain more like on FB.

Apental Calc auto liker download Apk

Apental Calc app is another way to increase socializing. You can get unlimited likes on uploads using this application. It is popular application which will give you results within seconds.

You will also get comments and shares on your posts so that your post won’t appear fake and weird.

Important Note FB Auto Liker Apps

The above mentioned app are only for fun and informational purpose. Please one thing bear in your mind, these all auto liker apps and website take you FB credentials before giving you unlimited likes. So, if you have a personal Facebook account with important information in your accounts then we did not recommend you to use these apps.

We are not responsible for any issue and data breach from your account.

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