WhatsApp Plus APK v(7.00): Free Download Latest Version 2019 Android,iOS

WhatsApp Plus APK is the app used to send messages around the globe and is reliable in use and ensures safety to its users. But some people do not like its strict policies then need to use WhatsApp Plus APK, for them, there is also another app which is known as WhatsApp Plus Apk. Whatsapp Plus Apk  is the modified form of the original WhatsApp, come with a lot custom developed features.

[su_note note_color=”#d2f8fc”]Most of the people use it to change the visual appearance of their WhatsApp account. Because official WhatsApp did not allow you to do that, its boring and always of green color. WhatsApp Plus done this for you, now you can change the visual look your whats account and also change the color of the Whatsapp icon (automatically change when them changed). [/su_note]

Similar in functioning with the original Whatsapp version, it has many distinct features. The app is independent but it still uses the license of the original Whatsapp. The Whatsapp plus also have other name which is Whatsapp Plus Holo.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2019

WhatsApp Plus APK is a mod version of WhatsApp that can be you second whatsapp at the same time. It one of the most used and popular whats app mod apk, come up with some unique features and functionality. The app allow you to do some interesting stuff in the app such as you can change the theme, hide the seen messages, hide the status, hide blue ticks, and many other things.

However, it does not assure data security and user privacy.  Moreover, no one can clearly say that it is legal to use.

Here we find WhatsApps Mod version that allow you to run two WhatsApp accounts at the same time in the a smartphone, GBWhatsApp APK done this for your download it and have fun.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Mirror Features:

Now the point is that how whatsapp and WhatsApp Plus APK are different from each other. What are those features that make whatsapp plus different from whatsapp. There are many notable and key features offered by whatsapp plus which you can not enjoy in original Whatsapp.

[su_box title=”Change Theme in WhatsApp Plus”]

Change WhatsApp Themes

The first and foremost feature we like in the WhatsApp Plus APK is the addition of visual themes. Yes, you can change the theme of the and icon of your of  your account in WhatsApp Plus APK.

There are more than 700 colorful themes which whatsapp plus that you can use. The user can download these themes directly from whatsapp plus. By changing the theme the look of the Whatsapp plus will completely change along with the texts, bar and background of the chat.


New WhatsApp Emoticons

The second feature which we like the most, the addition of new and unique emoticons is also available in the whatsapp plus. These emoticons can see by those having whatsapp plus, not the one who uses the original whatsapp.

Hide Status

The hiding of the last status is the feature which is appreciated by many whatsapp plus users. With this the user last time access is not visible to others. This feature is now also offered by the Whatsapp.

File Size [upto 50 MB]

The key feature which is worth using also is the editing of the file. Now with the whatsapp plus the user can increase the file size. The user can now send files from 2MB to 50MB, without distorting the quality of the image. The file can be a PDF’s file or other documents.

Whatsapp Plus Latest Version Apk Download v7.00, v6.89, v6.85, v6.88, v7.81 – Descargar WhatsApp Plus APK

The other feature provided by the whatsapp plus is that if you want to change the color, appearance and setting of the whatsapp plus you can go for it also. The user can change the size of the text, icon colors, notification’s size and many other setting which the classic whatsapp will not provide you.

The other side feature which whatsapp plus can provide to its user is anti-ban. No one can ban other on whatsapp plus with the presence of this feature. Auto- reply to chats, Video calling feature, Addition of 250 characters in the status and many other interesting features.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Versions uptodown

In recent update WhatsApp Plus is updated to 6.85 version, in this latest version major bugs are fixes and added new features. Its old version was WhatsApp Plus 6.81, also a very famous version, but lacks some new features and little bugs.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp Plus APK

Now the question is that how to download and install whatsapp plus? It is super easy and simple to install it on your device. But before that you need check if your device is compatible with WhatsApp Plus APK or not. Here follow are the minimum requirements to install the WhatsApp Plus in your device:

[su_box title=”WhatsApp Plus Device Requirements”]

  • Android Version above 4.0
  • 1 GB RAM
  • All Permission for installation
  • Local Permissions
  • Internet or Mobile data connection


If your device meet these requirements then you can proceed to descaargar whatsapp plus apk. Follow we guide you in the easy steps, how you can install it on your device.

[su_note note_color=”#f1fcd2″]The only thing one can do before installing Whatsapp Plus is to uninstall the original version of whatsapp.[/su_note]

How to Install and Download WhatsApp plus Apk on Android v7.00,v7.2,v6.85,v7.81,V6.89,v6.81,v6.85,v6.87,v6.88, 7.62,V7.90,v6.60,v6.0

To install if on android device first download the latest version of WhatsApp plus v6.81 apk file from the given link and then follow these steps.

[su_button url=”https://apk4f.com/whatsapp-plus-apk-download-page/” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#0a4990″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: laptop” ]WhatsApp plus Apk For Android[/su_button]


[su_box title=”Install WhatsApp Plus on Android”]

  • Open the downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK file
  • But Android will not allow you install the app other than Play Store, but don’t worry, just enable the “Unknown Source” from Security.
  • Now again launch it and it will start installation process, it will take some time to install
  • Once the process completed, now its time to use your customize.


How to Install WhatsApp plus APK on PC

Its really a bad news for your, WhatsApp plus App not available in .exe file, mean that you can’t directly install this in your window PC. But here we find a way for you to install it on PC, for this first you have to download and install an android emulator on PC. There are many android emulator available in the market, you can download WhatsApp Plus APK what suits you best.

[su_button url=”https://apk4f.com/whatsapp-plus-apk-download-page/” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#0a4990″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: laptop” ]WhatsApp plus APP For PC Windows[/su_button]


After installing it download the APK from our site and open it in the emulator, it automatically install the whatsAapp Plus on your device.

How to Install WhatsApp plus APK on iOS [Mac, iPhone, iPad]

Like PC WhatsApp Plus APK not available for iOS device, you’ve to install it indirectly in your iOS device. As you done in PC, install an android emulator software or app in your iOS device, this will make possible to install whatsapp plus on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

[su_button url=”https://apk4f.com/whatsapp-plus-apk-download-page/” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#0a4990″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: laptop” ]WhatsApp plus Apk For IOS[/su_button]

[su_button url=”https://apk4f.com/whatsapp-plus-apk-download-page/” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#0a4990″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: laptop” ]WhatsApp plus Apk For Iphone[/su_button]

[su_button url=”https://apk4f.com/whatsapp-plus-apk-download-page/” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#0a4990″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: laptop” ]WhatsApp plus Apk For ipad [/su_button]


If someone want to change the look of the whatsapp, so he will definitely go to install Whatsapp Plus and if someone have privacy issues and doubt over legal issues of the whatsapp plus than he must stuck to the original whatsapp version. But if you want to use whatsapp for fun, where you don’t share you personal data then this is only for you.

Change theme of your whatsapp account and do other interesting, also support us that we could bring such interesting stuff for you. But again saying that make sure it is secure and legal in use.

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