Doug Slaten Death Cause – Obituary; Passed Away

Doug Slaten Death Cause – It started as a romantic tale. Nikki Frederick met Doug Slaten, a previous pitcher for Pittsburgh, in 2012, when the Pirates were visiting the area playing the Cincinnati Reds.

After four years, Frederick brought forth their girl, Anika.

Slaten died that year at 36 years old.

In 2018, Frederick and Anika moved to Cannondale Drive in Burlington, Kentucky.

Frederick said

“I talked to his mom about it. I talked to a preacher about it, and he said, ‘Nikki, why don’t you bury the ashes and you have basically a grave?'”

“We buried it right by the house, and we’d sit out there and look at the stars and talk to daddy.”

Frederick said she’s crushed now in light of the fact that the urn Slaten’s remains were in is gone.

Frederick told

“The whole side of my house on that side was gone. They collapsed my yard so much, you could even see underneath my window wells.”

Frederick and her lawyer, Steve Doan, fault Brookstone Homes.

Doan said

“Sometime in January 2020, Brookstone began construction on a lot next to Nicole’s house. As a result, they didn’t do proper shoring. They dug too deep of a hole, and it caused the property to begin to subside,”

“She noticed where property had slid, it was where Doug Slaten had been buried.”

Frederick has documented a $1.5-million dollar claim against the organization for intruding, carelessness and spoiling of a grave.

Frederick said the gravesite wasn’t stamped, yet she said she reached Brookstone to tell them the urn was absent.

Anika, who is presently 5 years of age, is too youthful to even consider getting what’s happening, however Frederick said her girl weeps for her dad.

This case is booked to go to preliminary in Boone County in December.

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