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Doodie Lo Instagram – As indicated by reports, OTF Doodie Lo and his announced legal counselor have reacted to and denied allegations against the rapper.

Lo’s ex FTN Bae blamed the rapper for physically mishandling her five-year-old child in a now-popular web-based media post.


OTF Doodie Lo was blamed for physically mishandling his ex’s five-year-old child, according to reports.

In a now-popular Instagram post, ex FTN Bae shared a sound film of her child crying. Bae asserted that the rapper had physically manhandled her kid at her home back in August of this current year.

Lo’s ex finished the extended IG inscription with:

“You just never know who people really are & what there capable of. Stay blessed.”

OTF Doodie Lo and his announced legal counselor have since reacted to these cases and have denied allegations.


As Bae’s post became a web sensation, OTF Doodie Lo and his revealed attorney took to Instagram live to react to the allegations against him.

As indicated by HotNewHipHop, the legal counselor tended to the circumstance:

We just kind of want to address everything that’s going on. It’s very, very serious and we want everyone to know that we’re taking it very seriously because when we’re talking about children and things happening to children, that is very serious.

Just to start, people can’t make certain accusations without evidence. That’s called defamation. A lot of people know what defamation is, once you publish it, it’s out there in the universe and the damage is done. Many people have visited Florida, live in Florida know, the police pretty much will come and get you if they have even a modicum of evidence against you for a crime.

By means of Instagram, FTN Bae insinuated a police examination encompassing the matter, however, Lo’s accounted for legal advisor called attention to that the rapper has not been accused of any bad behavior.

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