Dababy Baby Mama Instagram – Da Baby’s Baby Mother Meme Viral

dani leigh and dababy

Dababy Baby Mama Instagram – Rapper DaBaby has given an assertion following a warmed trade on Instagram live with the mother of his child, DaniLeigh.

According to reports, the police displayed at the craftsman’s home in the midst of the fight.


As per reports, rapper DaBaby and the mother of his youngster were seen freely contending on Instagram live.

The 29-year-old and DaniLeigh supposedly have an on-and-off-again relationship and invited their first youngster together back in August of this current year.

Radar reports that the pair were heard trading affronts as DaniLeigh had all the earmarks of being taking care of their child. DaBaby then, at that point, allegedly stepped DaniLeigh as a “crazy girl” prior to closing down the IG live video.


Following the public warmed trade with DaniLeigh, rapper DaBaby delivered an extended assertion.

It read:

“Based on my reputation, with multiple threats of setting up an internet scheme & a person refusing to not let me go. Me and somebody else here knew to record her. I don’t beat on and yelled at and chased around like one of them fatal love attraction type girls.”

The previous evening on Instagram live, DaBaby and his hit or miss, sweetheart vocalist DaniLeigh got into an awful verbal battle live on his Instagram that finished with the police appearing.

The two, which, invited their first youngster together back in August can be seen contending while DaniLeigh has all the earmarks of being breastfeeding in the bed.

Seen assaulting DaBaby while holding their infant, both DaniLeigh and DaBaby later posted articulations on their IG stories trying to tidy up the dramatization.

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