Cyan Boujee Accident – Cyan Boujee Car Crash twitter Update

Cyan Boujee Accident – A companion of Cyan Boujee named Mmabatho (Madam Spura) took to online media to share about the close to lethal mishap she had while in the vehicle of Cyan Boujee.

Rather than Cyan Boujee reassuring her companion, supporting and representing her, she played the foe and lashed at her. She played the adversary saying assuming Mmabatho needs to discuss the mishap she had she can do as such in spite of the fact that she should bar her vehicle in the sharing of her experience.

Cyan sounded pissed and didn’t show any regret despite the fact that she was the one that was driving on the night they had the awful mishap that nearly prompted her companion, Mmabatho, nearly losing her life.

Mmabatho shared subtleties of the day of the mishap despite the fact that she didn’t recall a lot of what unfolded prior and then afterward the close to snapshots of the mishap. She just was at the carport with Cyan Boujee from that point awakening at a medical clinic.

Her supposed companion Cyan Boujee hauled her mother and went to visit Mmabatho. They were not there to apologize or show any help yet rather to slam Mmabatho and menace her into eliminating all that she said about Cyan and Cyan’s vehicle.

She just is by all accounts irate about how Mmabatho took to public the narrative of the mishap she went through.

Cyan, who is a committed fashionista, is one to parade what she has with no statements of regret. Frequently, she ventures out in close apparel that consistently highlight her ideal figure. Her excellence will basically choke out you and her body will leave any lady green with envy.

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