Courtney Groft Obituary – Penn State Football Player Passed Away

Courtney Groft dead

Courtney Groft Obituary – A Penn State York volleyball player passed on Saturday evening after she was harmed in an auto crash, as per lead trainer Keith Hartman.

Courtney Groft, a green bean, was harmed in an accident while going to a training on Friday night. She kicked the bucket the next day, Hartman said in a Facebook post.

A lot of people are sad about the death of Courtney Groft. She was a good lady. Her sense of humor was excellent.

Groft, of East Berlin, concentrated on optional schooling. She played in 20 matches with 49 kills and 10 burrows, as indicated by Penn State York Volleyball’s site.

Hartman has been a mentor to Groft since she was 16, he said.

Lake View Christian Fellowship, a congregation in East Berlin, posted an assertion looking for supplications for Groft’s folks, Christine and Lee.

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