Chode Meaning America – What Does Choad Mean

Chode Meaning America – choad, chode, choda implies: (1) penis that is more extensive than it is long (ed: abnormal… however, it came in twice!!) (2) the skin situated between the male regenerative organs (penis) and his butt-centric opening (i.e arsehole). It was just situated on folks. The giver says this was the normal significance when he was a youngster, yet he’s never heard the other definition printed here yet it very well may be correct, I am not actually certain. This importance of the word is found in the U.S. prodominatly, yet it is likewise utilized by kids in the nations of England and other English talking nations. Can be utilized as an affront, for example You choad licker.

Chode is slang for a penis more extensive than it is long. It can likewise allude to the perineum. The term is for the most part utilized for humor or as a gentle affront.

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