Chloe Mrozak Facebook and Instagram Viral – Get Whole Detail

Chloe Mrozak Facebook and Instagram Viral – Regardless of protests from investigators, an appointed authority on Wednesday morning delivered an Illinois guest from prison who is blamed for introducing a phony immunization card to travel to Hawaii.

Chloe Mrozak, 24, was delivered from OCCC in the wake of making a mournful supplication to the appointed authority.

A lady from the southwest rural areas is in a Honolulu prison in the wake of being gotten with a fake antibody card. Chloe Mrozak of Oak Lawn showed up Monday, Aug. 23 in the wake of transferring the phony antibody card to keep away from Hawaii’s obligatory 10-day isolate, specialists said.

State examiners captured Mrozak, 24, when she went to the air terminal Saturday for her flight home. Examiners had the option to distinguish Mrozak dependent on a particular tattoo on her hip, which specialists found on her Facebook profile.

She had disregarded endeavors by specialists to get in touch with her with regards to her presume COVID card during her six-day stay. A screener at the air terminal had raised worries about the realness of Mrozak’s antibody record, however she was permitted to leave the air terminal. An executive later reached Special Agent Wilson Lau with the state principal legal officer’s office with doubt that Mrozak’s card was false.

In an oath, Lau said he endeavored to contact Mrozak by telephone and email she gave on the structure that voyagers round out when entering the state. He likewise found that Mrozak didn’t have a booking at the lodging she put on the movement structure.

Lau said she additionally gave bogus data about her return flight, expressing she was returning on American Airlines when, indeed, she had bought a ticket to get there and back on Southwest. She was captured at the Southwest entryway, with a ticket.

A lady addressed the way to the location recorded as Mrozak’s home, yet declined to remark.

In Hawaii, utilizing distorted evidence of testing or immunization records for movement into the state is a crime that conveys a fine of up to $5,000 and additionally detainment of as long as one year for each check.

We are told this was the seventh capture Hawaiian specialists have made against U.S. explorers faking antibody reports.

Over the most recent two months, they have captured two explorers from California, two from Florida, two from Georgia, and Mrozak from Illinois.

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