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Brianna Rodriguez Instagram – Brianna Rodriguez is one of the casualties who died in Travis Scott’s Astroworld live events in Houston, Texas. You can get all of the most exceptional data about her here.

The passings of two individuals who passed away during Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival have been perceived.

On Saturday, sixth November, the group of 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez uncovered that she was one of the eight individuals killed in the mass loss episode that happened during Scott’s show at NRG Park in Houston.

Similarly, Laredo Morning Times revealed that Rudy Pena, a resident of Laredo, Texas, additionally passed on.

Who is Brianna Rodriguez?

She was a secondary school understudy at Heights HS in Houston, Texas, as per her family’s Facebook post.

Essentially, in a GoFundMe present devoted to Rodriguez, the family noticed that the ‘wonderful, dynamic secondary school junior’s energy was ‘moving, and presently she’s moving her approach to paradise’s magnificent doors.

Astroworld Victim: Travis Scott Concert Chaos

On Friday night, turmoil broke at Travis Scott’s Astroworld live events in Houston, Texas, killing eight individuals and harming some more.

The celebration’s video film, which has circulated around the web, shows a mass of fans crushing through an entryway and festivalgoers moving on ambulances. The group started to pack towards the front of the stage, making significant dread and injury, causing much more frenzy.

As indicated by Houston specialists, the casualties shifted in age from 14 to 27. Two dozen people were taken to the emergency clinic, including a 10-year-old child, while in excess of 200 individuals were treated on the scene by specialists.

Nonetheless, many individuals are as yet absent.

The eight people who passed on are still to be relegated as a reason for death. The night was depicted as a “show in damnation” in a viral video delivered by an unidentified festivalgoer.

Besides, a grim series of Instagram stories show oblivious patients being revived by crisis administrations.

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