Brazilian Singer Plane Crash Video – Marília Mendonça Dies

brazilian singer died in plane crash

Brazilian Singer Plane Crash Video – Marília Mendonça, one of Brazil’s most well-known vocalists and a Latin Grammy victor, died Friday in a plane accident while heading to a show. She was 26.

Mendonça’s press office affirmed her demise in an assertion and said four different travelers on the flight additionally died. Their plane slammed between Mendonça’s old neighborhood Goiania and Caratinga, a little city in Minas Gerais state found north of Rio de Janeiro.

Minas Gerais state’s polite police additionally affirmed Mendonça’s passing, without giving insights regarding the reason for the mishap, which happened in no time before appearance.

Photos and recordings show the plane laying just underneath a cascade; Mendonça had posted a video this early evening time showing her strolling toward the plane, guitar case close by.

The rising star performed down-home music, in Brazil called sertanejo. She was known for handling women’s activist issues in her tunes, for example, decrying men who control their accomplices and calling for female strengthening.

On Friday evening, the news set off an overflowing of misery via online media from all sides of Brazil, including fans, government officials, performers, and soccer players. Her Instagram account has 38 million adherents.

Hit with sadness, a huge number of fans accumulated Saturday to honor Marília Mendonça, one of Brazil’s most famous artists who was killed a day sooner in a plane accident at age 26.

The Latin Grammy champ and four different travelers, including her maker and uncle, died Friday when their plane smashed while flying from Mendonça’s old neighborhood of Goiania in Goias state to Caratinga, a little city in Minas Gerais state north of Rio de Janeiro.

A few grievers showed up sooner than expected on Friday night to say goodbye to the bluegrass music vocalist, going through the night outside the huge gym in Goiania where Mendonça’s wake was held.

Individuals remained in lines for quite a long time Saturday in the sizzling hotness, on occasion taking sanctuary from the sun under huge umbrellas, holding on to pass by her casket.

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