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Blake Corum Injury – Michigan had the No. 7 surging attack in the country heading into their Saturday night matchup against the Indiana Hoosiers — it’s been a one-two punch between Blake Corum and Hassan Haskins. Be that as it may, Corum left the game right on time against the Hoosiers, a physical issue at first controlling a lower leg injury.

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Corum left early and never showed up back in, completing the day with 1 convey for 4 yards. Late in the third Quarter, Corum was spotted on the sideline in road garments with a mobile boot on.

Michigan is in the final quarter of the game against Indiana with a lead close by, yet the Wolverines are playing without driving rusher Blake Corum. Corum was dinged up in the principal half and would ultimately be taken to the storage space subsequent to investing energy in the clinical tent.

As indicated by reports, Corum should have been offed of the field and to the clinical tent.

The running back was not at first spotted when play continued in the subsequent half, however, he was ultimately taken note of. Lamentably, Corum is as of now not in uniform. All things being equal, he’s wearing road garments and furthermore has a boot on his right foot/lower leg.

Hassan Haskins has performed well with 157 yards against the Hoosiers, however, there’s no denying the couple of Corum and Haskins is the thing that has made the offense so deadly. Corum entered the game driving the group with 774 hurrying yards and was averaging 6 yards for every convey.

If any further information about Blake Corum’s injury comes, MixTVNow will surely update this post.

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