Bethany Martin Snapchat Video Twitter – What Exactly Happened

Bethany Martin Snapchat Video Twitter – In the previous few months, Snapchat clients have had issues with the stage as it would regularly quit working. On Friday, a few clients encountered the equivalent by and by. It didn’t take long for them to communicate their mistake on Twitter. Notwithstanding, an online hypothesis has many persuaded that Bethany’s video made the stage shut down for some time.

There have been a few bits of hearsay going around via web-based media in regards to why Snapchat was down. In the midst of this, the one that has been acquiring a ton of consideration is the video shared by 17-year-old Bethany.

According to Daily Mail, Bethany has been captured after a Snapchat video showed her taking a jewelry from an expired man. She was joined by a 16-year-old, who has not been named.

Since the two occasions corresponded with each other, clients think Snapchat was down because of this. One client even had something very similar on Twitter as they stated: “So obviously this is the reason Snapchat was down yesterday. The video was circling the application and they needed to ensure it was appropriately taken out before a many individuals could see it.”

Notwithstanding, according to Snapchat’s help group, the application was down because of a specialized issue. The record additionally expressed that the clients needed to refresh their Snapchat to eliminate the bug. So, Bethany’s viral video had no association with the occasion.

According to Daily Mail, Bethany and her companion had shot a video on their Snapchat which showed them taking an accessory from a perished man. According to the reports, the 16-year-old adolescent preferred the pendant on the man’s neck, and Bethany chose to get it.

Following this, the young ladies called another companion of theirs who showed up and dialed 911. The power source further adds that Bethany expressed they ran over the man while making a rush to the corner store. In any case, the following day cops went over the video which showed Bethany taking the jewelry.

It is muddled who gave the video to the cops. Following this, the police addressed Bethany during which, she conceded taking. The 16-year-old offered back the emblem to the police and they returned it to the man’s family. The police additionally affirmed that Bethany had been captured.

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