10 Best Whatsapp Mod APK 2020 {WhatsApp Plus APK,GBWhatsApp}

Best WhatsApp Mod APK – a modified or custom developed version of the WhatsApp, developed by third-party developer. These WhatsApp mod versions offer you interesting feature that you are not available in official WhatsApp. These customized versions are developed because of of strict policies of WhatsApps and limited feature options to enjoy your WhatsApp.

[su_note note_color=”#d9f7fa”]Some people use these mod apk for just to change their apparent look of WhatsApp account and some want to install it as their second WhatsApp account in the same smartphone. There are also plenty of other functionalities in these whatsapp mod apk versions. Lest’s explore…. [/su_note]

Best WhatsApp Mod APK
Best Whatsapp Mod APK

Top 10 WhatsApp Mod APK

There are number of WhatsApp mod apk versions out there in the market, but finding the best one is the real headache. Here find jot down the best one of you, see the features and details and download what suits you best.

1- WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus is the modified version of the original and classic Whatsapp. Whatspp plus is also an app which is used to send messages and is a social networking site. It is similar to Whatsapp in its functioning but provides some feature which make it different from original Whatsapp.

The most advanced and leading feature is that on whatsapp plus mod apk the users can hide their online status and also blue ticks after users view messages. The addition of new emoticons are also present in Whatsapp Plus. Moreover, you can send files of larger MB without distorting the quality. Besides these, there are numerous other features. These features are not available in original Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Plus APK Features

  • Available themes.
  • High images quality.
  • New emoticons.
  • Change the look of the Whatsapp.
  • Blue icon symbol.

2- GBWhatsApp Apk Download

GBWhatsApp is another whatsapp mod apk which is similar in functioning to original whatsapp but provides number of features which is distinct from original whatsapp.

In the GBWhatspp the user can now download status and copy that status to clipboard. Another key feature is the feature of auto-reply. GB whatspp can automatically reply to your messages when the user is busy.

Similar with the auto-reply there is DND mode. The user can put his GBWhatsapp on DND mode when he is busy, so no one can disturb him.

Sharing of live location, no limitation of documents, messages scheduling is the interesting feature of the GB whatsapp which user can’t find in original whatsapp. You can now send money with your GBWhatsapp to your contacts.

GBWhatsApp Apk Features

  • Auto-reply mode.
  • Download status.
  • Sharing of live location.
  • No limit of sending documents.

3- FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsapp is also similar in functioning but different in features than original Whatsapp. The notable feature present in FMWhatsapp is numerous themes. There are many themes available in FMWhatsapp which can customize your Whatsapp and give it a new and unique look.

The other advance feature which is absent in original whatsapp is anti-ban mode. Now with this feature no one can ban other on whatsapp.

In original whatsapp there is a limit of sending video. The user can send video of only 32 MB in original whatsapp, but now in FMWhatsapp the user can send video of mass size and up to 1 GB.

FMWhatsApp Features

  • New themes.
  • Anti-ban mode.
  • Send videos of up to 1 GB.
  • Easy sending of voice message.

4- YoWhatsApp Apk

YoWhatsapp is an amazing Apk of the original whatsapp. The common feature which is similar in other whatsapp apps is hiding online status, recording and no blue ticks and double tick. The advance feature in YoWhatsapp is hiding of media files.

The users can now hide their receive media files from other contacts. The addition of new emoticons is also included in it. The video of 700MB is also sent with the YoWhatsapp. Keeping in view the security issues, the confirmation of whatsapp call is necessary.

YoWhatsApp Apk Features:

  • Hiding of media files.
  • Addition of new emoticons.
  • Different themes.
  • Send large files.

5- WhatsApp Plus Reborn Apk

Whatsapp Plus Reborn is the unofficial version of the classic whatsapp along with many unique and distinct features. The main notable feature of this app that is absent in classic whatsapp is that user can do group chat with more than 50 people. In group chat the user can send videos and photos in group to other people.

The new themes along with the unique visual effects are present in the whatsapp plus reborn which can give a new look to the whatsapp. The user can send files, documents and other audio note without any size restriction. Along with general privacy settings there are other additional privacy settings available in whatsapp Plus Reborn.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn Apk Features

  • New themes available.
  • More privacy settings.
  • Squeeze notification’s color.
  • Share file of any size.

6- WhatsAppMA Apk

WhatsappMA is the customized version of the original Whatsapp. It is used to send messages along with features that are distinct from the original whatsapp. The most notable feature of the WhatsAppMA mod apk is that the user can change the font size according to their need. Extended status messages of 251 words.

Private mode along with the hiding of the Whatsapp archived messages. All these features are not present in original Whatsapp.

WhatsAppMA Apk Features

  • Privacy mode.
  • Hiding of archived messages.
  • More than 251 words of status messages.
  • Change font size.

7- WhatsApp Mix Apk

Whatsapp Mix is another customized version of the classic Whatspp. Similar in functioning to original Whatsapp but contain some unique features. Whatsapp Mix apk is anti-ban or ban proof. This feature is absent in original Whatsapp.

The increase in media captions to 4000 words, high quality images and video, 2GB status video, addition of new emoji’s, zooming of profile pictures, share media files more than 300 instead of 30 are the most notable features of the whatsapp Mix and these features are not available in original whatsapp.

WhatsApp Mix Apk Features

  • Ban Proof.
  • Share 300 media files.
  • Custom Cards
  • Check deleted status
  • Custom online toast
  • Send videos of 2GB MB.

8- WhatsApp Indigo Apk

Whatsapp Indigo is the most amazing and the excellent customized version of the classic Whatsapp. Having very different features like other Whatsapp mod Apk. The Whatsapp indigo provides its user the facility of hiding their name, date along with hiding of the archived chats. Hide the typing, recording, blue ticks and normal ticks feature is also present.

The quality of the pictures is maintained and user can send file of size 72 MB easily to their contacts without distorting the quality of the file. Shortcut of chat is also created in Whatsapp indigo. These features are mostly absent in original Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Indigo Apk Feature

  • Shortcut of chat
  • Maintain pictures quality.
  • Send file of 72 MB.
  • Hiding of name is also available.

9- HMWhatsApp Apk

The customized version of the whatsapp has many desirable features which is different from the original whatsapp. The downloading of status and stories of other people is the key feature.

In HMWhatsApp mod APK you can Translate of messages in any language which is received, sending of 90 images and sending of video of 50 MB is the key feature among all the features.

HMWhatsApp Apk Features

  • Sending of 90 images.
  • Send video of 50 MB.
  • Translation of messages.
  • Status and stories can be downloaded.

10- WhatsAppMD Apk

WhatsAppMD is the mod or customized form of the original Whatsapp. Having a lot of different, interesting and user- friendly features. There are many themes available in the WhatsAppMD mod apk which can give a new look to the WhatsApp.

Hiding of profile picture, changing of the look of status bar is also key features present in the Whatsapp MD. The privacy setting available in MD WhatsApp is also different from the original Whatsapp.

 WhatsAppMD Apk Features

  • Hiding of profile picture.
  • New themes.
  • Privacy modes.
  • Change status bar.


Here above we share with the WhatsApp mod apk version that allow you to do interesting stuff. You can change WhatsApp theme, hide your profile picture, hide status, create WhatsApp account more than one and many of other stuff.

[su_note note_color=”#f9d6d0″] But remember these does not have any link you official WhatsApp and owned by third-party developers, this is why these are not secure. In case of any data breach we and official WhatsApp will not be responsible. [/su_note]

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