10 Best Vocabulary Builder Apps

There are many people from us who do not have good language skills. They find difficult to talk in English, they are unable to understand some basic terms used commonly.

Joining any teaching institute is not even possible for every one specially due to having hectic life style. You need to pay tuition fee to the relevant institute and also have to make specific time for this purpose.

Vocabulary builder apps are basically the one who can work freely in your android phones and help you to learn in the way of you playing games. Following are some of the best vocabulary builder apps.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

This the most amazing application as it not only offers you a single language learning but also you can learn many other popular language just by the installation of single app. You can learn the basics of English, Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch and many other languages by Duolingo App.

Use the Duolingo for free and install it from the Google play store in your latest phone. You can take short lessons, you can check your learning condition by testing your current progress, and you can make others to learn and do practice in this way.

The application has been awarded as the best app for many years and it educates its user in many ways. There are multiple options available by which you can learn very precisely the words, their meanings, different terms, their spellings and pronunciations as well.

There is a question answer section for checking yourself how much you have already by this app and what mistakes you should avoid. The section helps you to improve your grammar mistakes and make you learn new words and phrases on daily basis.

Busuu: Learn Languages, Spanish, English & More

Learn more than 10 different languages by means of this most popular application. Bussu helps you enhance your skills by simply offers you a proper way of learning.

You can make your vocabulary better and also learn writing and talking in any language which are offered to you. If you have poor memory, the app will offer you some of the exercises by which you can easily memorize and learn at the same time.

Make your grammar better, learn different phrases, verbs and words and also test your progress by attempting tests offered by the app. every language has customer services support so that you can send your queries to the app developers and ask for the improvement.

Busuu is free to operate application. It can be downloaded for free from the Google play store. You can use the application without any connection requirements. Learn anywhere by the simple use of Busuu app.

Word Genius: A+

This is another word game typical vocabulary building application. There are many question answer exercises in the game to make your brain more alert and active.

You can learn new words, phrases and verbs by this app. The application has very smooth and user friendly interface. Learn to use the app by following some of the easiest steps. The color scheme and the graphics used in the game is very much attractive to the user.

You can increase your vocabulary and make your language skills better by Word Genius A+.

uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer

The application is outstanding in the aspect that it can prepare its user to attempt language test very easily. It has some of the exercises and question answer sections for the practice.

Moreover, the app offers audio support for the correct pronunciation of difficult words. You can have advanced learning and browsing methods by this application.

You can share new words with friends and family and create an educated atmosphere.

Learn English – Voxy

Voxy is the best known application for the purpose of learning languages. You can have daily based work that you need to learn and after that you need to perform in the test for checking your progress.

Every latest update will be provided to you by means of notification. You can learn English and some of the advanced terms of it by Voxy app.

The app supports phones, tablets and even computer very easily and you will not have any difficulty in its operation.

Vocabulary for SAT – Flashcards, Tests, Words

Improve your English language by simply using the app in your phone. The application has different sections including idioms, phrases, verbs, antonyms and synonyms etc.

These will help you to study in a proper way and improve your learning abilities. There is a test system in built within the app to check the current learning status and also it will give marks so that you would know in a better way about your skills.

Vocabulary Builder

The application has vast learning material including more than 3k English words, synonyms, phrases and idioms etc. advanced type of English learning can be possible by the simple and free installation of Vocabulary builder.

You can learn pronunciations, remove grammar mistakes and avoid common sentence error by the help of this app.

Test wise practice is also included in its features so that the user would improve itself by checking his progress with time to time.

Vocabulary Builder

The application has quiz system by which you will learn to perform in tests. You can make your language skills perfect by the free installation of vocabulary builder app.

It updates itself on daily basis and adds up words so that users will learn advanced language. It is very simple to use app with hundreds of words, verbs and phrases to learn.

You can customize your tests as per you want like you can select the duration, number of questions etc for your convenience.

GRE Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep

The application is very help and specially designed for the users who want to attempt GRE test. It has all the words and phrases added according to the syllabus of the test so that you can prepare well for it.

The app updates regularly and has many levels for better learning. The app has more than 1200 important words that are usually included in the GRE test. You can make your vocabulary better and also learn some advanced English using this amazing app.

Word U

The application has interface similar to the game. You need to solve puzzles, find hidden objects and get coins in reward. Some of the letters are given to you for making new words, phrases and verbs.

If you spell some difficult words, you will be awarded with the bonus coins. There is a game board on which different words are present.

The app works very smoothly in all android, iOS and window phones. It is safe and secure game for all types of users. You can get it very easily from the Google play store and it is completely free to install and use.

There is no need of connection for its working. Multiple levels are built in it to avoid boredom.

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