10 Best Torrent Apps for Android Download 2020

Best Torrent Apps for Android, download any thing from torrent direct on your smartphone

To download movies and dramas is not as much easy task as it appears.  Mostly, you have to search for a good site from where you can download files. Not every movie or video is available on these sites and many ads would appear by which you are unable to perform your task.

Busy life did not allow to watch entertainment stuff live. Downloading helps to watch movies and songs whenever you have free time. Similarly, internet connection with fast speed is not available everywhere so you need to download your programs for watching in leisure time.

10 Best Torrent Apps for Android Download

Today we are talking about a peer to peer downloading technology. If someone have have something interesting, can share directly to others without the help of a middleman server. Yeah we are talking about torrenting, but not for desktop PC, its for smartphones.

Torrent apps are specially designed to meet downloading needs. Torrent apps have easy to operate and search for specific files that makes downloading become much easier.

Best Torrenting Apps for Android

The p2p apps for android we have are going to share with you helps you to download torrent files in your android smartphones and tablet. You can download pretty much any things such as movies, drama books, music and software from torrent apps directly into your device.

You can also share your stuff with others with the help of these torrenting apps, just choose one of the best torrent app your device and start downloading.

Flud – Torrent Downloader

Flud is one of the most popular and mostly search torrent application, safely allow your to download torrent files for all android phones and tablets. The working of the Flud app requires Wi Fi connection only because sometime is does not work via mobile data.

Search the desired movie, song or whatever you want to download, and you will get option of ‘Download’ from where you can download hundreds of files. Flud maintains downloading sequence and you will receive files in sequence after downloading.

You can download big files from torrent very easily and transfer them from one folder to another during its downloading like you can move your files from phone’s memory to SD card. The application offers you RSS support for automatic downloading files.

You can also customize the appearance of the app, change the themes using or background of the app.

ts free or traditional version stuffed with ads, but it also offers Flud  pro APK version that provide you ads free downloading experience and boosted downloading speed.

If you want to remove ads from your browser and installed apps then check our ads blocker for android and prevent ads from any of third party app in your phone.

[appbox googleplay id=com.delphicoder.flud]

µTorrent – Torrent Downloader

The application is the best known torrent downloader software for PC and smartphone with high speed efficiency without any cost. This application offers you unlimited downloading for free. Install utorrent apk on android phones and tablet and download your movies, songs, seasons and TV shows.

Similarly, it consumes less battery and less time for downloading larger files. The app is available in multiple languages to meet the user’s need. You can select the desired folder of your phone where the files would save after downloading.

The application will provides you high definition videos, songs and movies without any paid requirement. You can divide downloading files into smaller parts by which you can download files much faster. This option is usually not available in other downloading applications.

[appbox googleplay id=com.utorrent.client]

BitTorrent- Torrent Downloads

BitTorrent is the p2p files sharing application to which you can use for unlimited downloading and uploading. The files you need to download have not any specific range of size. You can download even larger size files using for free. It is free to install app and safe for android phones are tablets.

The peer to peer files sharing network allow to share files with millions of user on torrent and download their files

The app itself is light in size and do not take much space. It can work with Wi Fi connection only. You can download files to SD card direct from the the app to avoid storage issues. There is no need to compromise on the quality of the files and using the app, you can download HD videos and songs.

After successful bitTorrent apk installation, it will automatically off itself without consuming more data and power. Ge application and enjoy unlimited downloading fast and free.

[appbox googleplay id=com.bittorrent.client]

zeta Torrent- Torrent App

The user-friendly black interface or zeta app makes your downloading experience more pleasant. Comprehensive torrent app provide you detailed information that you can easily download files.  The progress bar of the dowloading show direct into your notification bar. You do not need to remain stay in the app to download percentage. just check it from notification drawer.

Make a specific folder and save all your downloaded files within this folder. You can also change location of the files even during downloading using the smart feature of this app. The application also blocks ad usually appears during downloading. But these feature only available in zeta pro apk version.

Its pro version also include proxy that change your location and provide you secure downloading.

The downloading files are safe and having high quality results. Moreover, multiple languages are available to meet every user’s need. Downloading is majorly depends on battery conditions and if there is low battery, the working of application ease.

[appbox googleplay id=com.teeonsoft.ztorrent]

BitTorrent Pro – Torrent App

The bittorent pro apk is the paid version of the above mentioned bittorent app. Come with a lot of interesting feature that you can’t avail in free version. If you only want free downloading then you can stay back to free version but if you want make your torrent downloading more pleasant on your android device then try paid one.

You can download multiple files at the same time by means of this application. Watch live videos direct form the torrent app before downloading them, this paid feature help you to check the quality of the video.

The torrent paid application is ads free and saves battery and data of the phone. It works best in all android phones and tablets. You can move files from one folder to another while downloading.

The search bar is available for meeting your needs of downloading. There is no specific speed and size limit for downloading due to which you can do unlimited downloading. BitTorrent pro provide the canonical priority of the magnet link that speeds up your downloading speed.

The application comes in multiple languages such as English, Russian, Italian and more, so that everyone can enjoy the app in national language.

[appbox googleplay id=com.bittorrent.client.pro]

µTorrent Pro – Torrent App

As above its the paid version of uTorrent pro apk, you can get this app after some easy payment. After getting the app you will realize you have not wasted your money. Download unlimited videos, songs and movies without any interruption using this app.

Ads free application provide you fast torrent magnet file downloading.

One of uttorrent feature we like is its battery saving mode, it automatically shutdown the application. Another feature which stops the torrenting while downloading have completed.

You can download multiple files at the same by it. You can also make changes in file location during downloading. The app requires Wi Fi connection for its working and provides you unlimited movies and videos.

[appbox googleplay id=com.utorrent.client.pro]

tTorrent Lite- Torrent Client

tTorrent lite is the application which is also based on torrent downloading purpose. The main feature of the app is to meet your safe downloading needs. You need to install the app which is free and search whatever you want to download.

The application needs internet connection and Wi Fi only. Mp3 files can also be downloaded using the app. The application supports external storage like SD card in which you can save your downloaded files.

[appbox googleplay id=hu.tagsoft.ttorrent.lite]

tTorrent- Ad free – Best Torrent Apps for Android

Enjoy unlimited downloading using the tTorrent application. The application is ads free and performs multiple files downloading at the same time. These files would appear in the same sequence in which you have started downloading.

You can save your downloaded files in SD card using the app. It works for free but having also paid installation and takes uses little memory. Wi Fi connection is needed for its working which must be strong.

[appbox googleplay id=hu.tagsoft.ttorrent.noads]

Libre Torrent

The android torrent app needs fast internet connection for its working. It has android TV support with RSS manager feature. You can download multiple files sequentially using this application. Designed with beautiful color scheme and styles.

Moreover, it offers safe and fast downloading as compared to other similar apps. You can download very large files very comfortably using this smart app.

[appbox googleplay id=org.proninyaroslav.libretorrent]

FrostWire- Torrent Downloader & music player

The application will let you experience best music genre with downloading option. The features include automatic pausing of downloading files when there is poor internet connection.

There is no speed limit of downloading files so that you can enjoy larger files without any trouble. You can save your files in the desired folder by selecting its location.

The app needs less storage space and less power for its operation.

[appbox googleplay id=com.frostwire.android]

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