10 Best Poetry Apps to share read poetry on

Poetry is the literature work, a way to share your ideas and thoughts in a beautifully. If you look at some poem or couplets then you will find the words are logically related to each other, in this scenario we must say its a science of words.

The best thing about writing poetry and poems is the combination of thoughts and word and conveying your own thoughts to the other.

It enhances the way of thinking and helps to make you more creative. To find the best way to write poetry is the difficult task to do. You cannot write anything without having any idea about poems and poetry.

As the technology has been prospering day by day, some poetry apps are designed for poetry lovers. These applications are available in multiple languages to ensure their proper services. Most of the apps are free to install in which many pieces of poetry, poems and rhymes are present to read.

These apps meet all of the requirements which are necessary for the poetry lovers.

Best Poetry Apps on your Smartphone

Best Poetry Apps lets you to write, read and share your poetry to other. You can read other’s poetry work and share it to your friends. Whenever some verse or couplets arise in your mind you can immediately write it down in the app.

Here are the best poetry applications listed, just check out its features and download what you like.

Poetry – Read and Share Poems

If you really don’t have skills related to poetry writing, the app will help you to write poetry for anyone at anytime. You can also use the app when you are offline. The application has a complete community to which you can join and take participate in showing your poetry.

Poetry app include 37,000 ever green poems and poetry to read offline.

There is a magazine mode available in the app through which you can learn, read and copy poetry when you don’t have internet connection.

You can write poetry via ‘Poetry’ app for friends, family and love ones. There is a complete chart of keywords available within the app from where you can select any word and get poetry related to it. You can also share your poems and poetry with your friends using the app.

The application has simple working and it is beautifully colored application to make itself an attractive booklet. Poetry app is fully featured and free to install and use.

[appbox googleplay id=in.banaka.mohit.englishpoems]

English Poets and Poem

You can read thousands of poems and poetries for free using English Poets and poem app. This app has many categories from where you can select poetry according to your interest. Poetry app listed the poet name alphabetically that you can read poems from your favorite poet.

You can choose any poetry from the available categories and add it into your own favorite list.

It allow you to bookmark any poem and read it at any time. The application has user friendly interface and very smoothly works in android phones and tablets. The search bar is also available in the app so that makes easy access to the you favorite poetry.

The application works without internet connection and provides you fastest search results. You can select desired color, font size and font faces accordingly as the options are available in the settings of the app.

[appbox googleplay id=com.dictamp.englishpoems]

Love Poems

The application is beautifully designed in which lots of love poems are available. These poems can be copied from the app and you can use the same piece of poem to send it in the ‘default message app’ of your phone.

You can share the poems with your friends on social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. You will receive a special poem every day on the app to make your day perfect.

You can customize its timing from the settings and select specific hours to receive that poem. The poetry application is supporting multiple languages for meet the love for poetry and poems.

Give star to your favorite poem and make list in which you can add liked poems.

[appbox googleplay id=anowak2.romantic.loverhyme.lovepoems.lovepoemsforsms]

Poet’s Corner

The multi functional app with vast range of poetry is named as Poet’s corner. You will find the poetries from famous poets within this app for free. You can read and save other’s poetry in the app and also post your own poetry over there.

If you really don’t have any idea about poetry writing, the application is best place to learn skills of writing poetry. Submit whatever you have written and the app will modify your lines in the style of poetry.

You can follow latest poets and seek help from them using app. You can share your work with your friends and other members of the community.

[appbox googleplay id=com.wildnotion.poetscorner]

Poet’s Pad – Creative Writing

It is the paid application on which discount offers are also available. You can find many helping strategies to write your own poetry. The application has more than 70 thousand rhyming words to meet your needs.

You can select different styles for writing poetries and poems. Similarly, you can make your stanzas using the app. The application provides you the best ideas for generating own poetry. In this way, it can enhance your skills and make you more creative.

You can save your poetry by exporting it on mail.

[appbox googleplay id=com.wom.pp]

Poems Best Poetry Apps

Poems app also help you to create your own poetry, discuss your work with others and get a huge range of poetry for free. There are many sections are available in the app from where you can select poetry of your interest like love, war, funny friendship etc.

Design your own style of poetry and make improvements in it. You can also make friends and talk to them using the available account on the app.

The app can work offline and provides you all the online stuff without any connectivity issue.

[appbox googleplay id=com.aapvs.international.poems.lite]

Daily English Poems | Poets & Poetries

This is the best plate form for reading English poetry for free. The application is offering you hundreds of poets with their latest poetry available in the app. You can follow their style and make your own poetry using the app.

Select your liked poetries my book marking it and read it later. You can search for specific poetry and poet and also read random poetries which are available there.

You will get daily poetry notification after having this amazing app in your phone

[appbox googleplay id=com.bitlink.poetry]

English Poets & Poetry

The application is providing you hundreds of poetries in English language. You can read, learn, save and share these poetries for free. Poetry offering applications are too much but the unique feature of this application is that it can make you understand the real meanings of poet’s saying.

The most famous poets with their collections are available in the app to fulfill your poetry’s demand. It has very easy to use working system and installation is also free.

[appbox googleplay id=com.fikb.english_poem_poet]

POETRY from Poetry Foundation

The application has all the latest and classical poetries of the famous poets. All the poems are categorized in the perfect way so that you can make quick access to it.

You can search poetry by using its line in the app. You can also share this poetry with your friends through social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

This is one of the highly organized application in which many types of poetry is available like love, youth, nature, commitments etc.

[appbox googleplay id=org.thepoetryfoundation.AppSuite.POETRY]

Poetry Book – Best Poetry Apps

Best Poetry Apps is the app where you can find many of poets with their poetic work. You can bookmark your favorite poetries within the application and read it later.

The application has user friendly interface and it is free to install application. You can add up poetries in the list and read it when you have time.

You will find all latest poets and poetries in this application.

[appbox googleplay id=com.saliherikci.poetrybook]

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