10 Best Face Changer Apps

Face changer apps are are fun. People are very much amused by making tattoos, applying stickers and filters over their faces. It is not only fun to do in free time but it is far most common in the whole world of social networking. It is no doubt costly to apply makeup or stickers over the face and it can also affect your skin.

Considering all these troubles, App developers has devised some of the apps and tools that has inbuilt camera which can detect your face and ultimately apply different funny features, stickers, filters and effects over your face.

Here we are presenting the list of some best face changing apps to make your social media posts more interesting.

Face Changer

The application takes you to the world of fun and laughter. Take your snaps using the cam available in the app or select image from the gallery and apply different objects like glasses, cap, crown, flowers etc over your face to change your looks.

Using face changer, you can also edit face features like nose, eyes, ears, hair, teeth etc. There are many funny face parts provided to you and new parts are added in the app with every update.

You can edit pictures using tools and write text on them by selecting markers, pens, and brushes. Give yourself hilarious look or change your friend’s face features by using this free working face changer app. The application has simple and easy to use interface

Face Changer 2

The application is nothing else but an improved version of face changer app.  You will more interesting features in it like funny looks, cool goggles, hats, different hilarious face parts to make you look funny.

There are multiple other options like you can play games and answer interesting questions to add more fun in game. Invite your friends and share master pieces with them. The app has inbuilt camera that allows the user to take instant picture and utilize it for the purpose of changing looks by the app.

If you want change your face scary then try these apps.

You can also select pictures from the gallery and other social sites. Moreover, you can take picture which have more than 1 one person and swap faces with one another to give each other a complete new look.

Face Changer Video

The app provides multiple face cameras by which you can enjoy many looks like being ugly, old, horrible, cartoony, cool, animated and many more.

Having so many features within a single app make it more interesting. For example, you can edit your pictures, crop face parts; apply filters and unique stuff over the face like glasses, moustaches, hats, stickers etc.

You can make videos with the selfie camera and make hilarious pose within it to show your friends. Change each and every organ of your face accordingly to make yourself look different with the free use of face changer video.


It is the most rated face changing app now days and people have enjoyed its use on every social app. Using FaceApp, you can transform yourself in to opposite gender.

You can apply different tattoos over your body parts and choose the best looks for you. The most delighting filter of this app is the old appearance of the persons.

Using the filter, you can see how you would look in old age. In FaceApp, there are many additional and improved features have been added by the developers like you can change the color of hair, you can modify your facial features, add smile over the face, change the whole background of your image, apply blur effect in it, and apply makeup over your face by FaceApp.

Professionals Face Changer

The application has very amazing interface that provides complete new look to any ordinary face person with different costumes. Working of Professionals Face changer is very much simple.

You have to apply face only in the desired costumes and you will see the complete new personality. It offers many costumes including military, engineer, doctor, nurses, pilot, armed forces, fighters and many other upgrade people’s dresses. Just download the application from the play store.

It supports all male and female costumes and also offers many other editing options like crop, blur, face swap etc.


Face changer is a complete photo editing tool that gives you hundreds of editing tools and options to make images unique and hilarious. Select any image from the gallery using FACE CHANGER and start using its features.

You can apply different stickers, effects, wings, hats, moustaches, smiling lips, eye lashes; beard and whatever you like you apply over your face. Trim pictures, sharpen colors, crop unnecessary background and persons and much more can be done by this amazing app.

You can upload your image directly over social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram etc without exporting it to gallery.

Face Swap

Face Swap is an awesome app in which you can interchange your facial looks with your friends. The best thing about this app is that you can make videos from the camera inbuilt within this app after applying different effects on your face.

This video can directly be exported to social sites and you can also save it in gallery. You can apply faces of animals, zombies, cartoons and faces of other hilarious and famous characters on your face.

Make yourself unique and fantastic by this fun app.

Face Changer App – Cool Photo Editor

Give your face a complete transformation by using Face changer app.  Apply faces of different cartoons, animals and swap faces with friends. The app is uniquely designed with which you can resize, rotate, and add filters, stickers, and filters in your images to make them interesting and unique.

Install the face change app and enjoy its unlimited features and share your snaps on social networks.

Face Changer – Funny Face Maker

You can change your facial looks using Face changer app.  Add hair of different styles and colors; apply makeup over face, use hats, flower, crowns, moustaches, beard and many other objects on your snaps.

You can make yourself look funny by bald head, heavy nose, unequal teeth, wider eyes etc on the image. Share your edited images with friends on social networks directly by this face changing app.

Face Maker – face changer

Face maker is an amazing app with lots of objects and filters. You can use this app for free. Choose the image from the gallery and use the editing tools available in the app.

You can apply stickers, filters, color effects and different objects like hat, sticker, nose, hair and animal faces over the face. Export the image in either gallery or upload it on social sites directly.

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