10 Best Apps to Sell Books Free Apps for Android, IOS

Apps to Sell Books: It’s a good hobby to read books. Books are important mean of gaining knowledge and expanding vocabulary. It improves the focus and concentration abilities. Spending time with books make you learn etiquettes and manners. It develops a sense of humor in the person and relaxes its nerves.

Reading books is a good step towards learning and getting qualified. There are many people who have hundreds of books by which they learn and release their stress. Collecting books of different genre is actually their hobby and they spend a specific amount of money on their lovely activity.

Some people sell their books for purchasing new one. It is quite hectic task and consumes much time. But technology takes you one step ahead, applications are designed to fulfill this task. These applications help you to make money by selling old books.

Books Selling Apps: sell old to buy new

Now, it become really simple and easy for you to sell your old books and buy new one with the following apps. You can sell and even buy new books with the help of your smartphone. Check out the following apps and add new books to your library replacing with old ones.


First app to sell books is designed to meet your book selling and buying needs. You need to install the application in your phone or tablet to get benefits from it. The application offers you more than 30 sites from where you can sell and purchase books without any trouble.

Using the app, you can check the transaction of selling books and also find some good sites where free shipping is also available. You can compare prices from different sites before selling books.

You also can sell huge amount of books like whole libraries to the buyer who need more books for their sites. It’s a good step towards business and you can make more money by selling books to different books to those retailers who can pay a good amount comparatively.

This app installation is free and it has user friendly interface by which you can easily sell books to the different websites with lower transaction amounts.

[appbox googleplay id=com.BookScouter]


Declutrr is the most widely used one in the whole world. It’s a trusted application where you can sell books and other materials and get money easily. Sell your books, cameras, CDs, DVDs, using Declutrr and earn money.

The application works in few simple ways like you need to scan the barcodes of the product to which you are going to sell, and enter Tech and you will get an offer price. If you are satisfied with the offer price, place your order and ship your products using this amazing application.

There is no need to worry about the payments because it will be given to you after the day when your products would be received. You can get direct money in the form of deposits, get cash and also receive amount via PayPal.

[appbox googleplay id=com.decluttr]

Cash4Books Sell Textbooks

It is a very quick service to selling your old text books. All you need to do is to just install the app in your phone and scan the barcodes mentioned over the books. The app will scan the codes and it will be sold within few seconds on Cash4book.

There is no delay in receiving payments, you get will it very soon. Moreover, the application has very process to install and provide free services. Make an account on the app for selling books or you sign in using your previously existing account.

You can apply auto add mode by which multiple books can be scanned within seconds. This option is available in the setting of the app. The book selling app provides help services to the customers by phone or email. You can ask your questions by this smart feature and sell books with comfort.

[appbox googleplay id=net.cash4books.android.cash4books]

Here you can also check Keeple App that help you to lend books and other stuff.

Buy and Sell Old Books

Find here the book of relevant courses and disciplines. The app has books of all courses including MBBS, ACCA, CA, FA, BA, MA etc. Other than study related stuff, Novels, Story books, magazines are also available on the same app.

Install the app for free and login there, after that scan the barcodes present on the books to make it available on the app. You can also sell your books by hand using the app. There must be a complete set of books you have relevant to the subject if you want to sell it by hand.

[appbox googleplay id=com.oldbook.eshop]

BooksRun: Sell used, old or new books & text books

The book selling app works fast to sell all your books within few seconds. Before using, make your account in the app, after that scan the barcodes present on the books. These codes can be scanned very easily using the barcode scanner available within the application.

After successful scanning, information related to books would be added in the app and these books are ready to sale. The application needs internet connection for its working. It is completely free application from installation to its usage.

[appbox googleplay id=com.booksrun.booksrun]

Textbook Rush- Text Seller

The application is a trusted source since 2001. This app provides you free services in which you need to make your account and scan the barcode of those books to which you want to sell out. After the scanning, these books would be sold very easily via this application.

You can receive payments via Pay pal, in cash or in direct deposit form. Before sending books to warehouse, make sure that you have packed books properly so that there would be no chance of any loss.

[appbox googleplay id=com.textbookrush.bookscanner]

ValoreBooks Sellback

It gives you best prices of your selling books without any delay. You can sell all types of books on the single app. Make an account on the app and scan barcodes of the books using scanner of the application.

You will get payments as soon as the books would sale. The app offers you free shipping and fast paid services. It is user friendly app with free installation and multiple features.

[appbox googleplay id=com.sellbackapp]

Texas A&M Bookstore

Next app to sell books, let you to sale and purchase books with discount offers. The application is itself a store in which books of multiple categories are available. You can sale your old books, novels and reading stuff there using the app where you will be paid with suitable money.

Its installation is completely free and the app will give you tips related to your stuff to be sold.

Fan of free books and also a digital books reader then try these torrent apps to download books free of cost.

[appbox googleplay id=com.fueled.bnc.texas]

George Mason Bookstore

The George Mason Bookstore is designed to sale and purchase books with best prices and discounts. It is safe and secure application with free installation. It offers to free shipping, many discount packages and other beneficial offers related to books sale.

Book your orders using the app and get discount on every purchase. Similarly, suitable amount would be paid on selling books.

[appbox googleplay id=com.fueled.bnc.georgemason]

My college Bookstore

My College Bookstore provides you all of the books which you need to study. You can sale your old books, novels, magazines using the app and get beautiful payments. You can make your account on the app and scan barcodes to add your book entries.

You will be paid very soon after receiving books which you have sent to the bookstore.

[appbox googleplay id=com.fueled.bnc]

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