Aryan Khan Airport Video – Updates

Aryan Khan Airport Video – A video showing a youngster peeing in a full open scowl at an air terminal in an intoxicated state has circulated around the web on the web. Netizens guarantee that the man in the clasp is, as a matter of fact, Aryan Khan.

Peruse on to know the reality behind the viral video and assume the individual in the clasp is Aryan or not.

Shah Rukh Khan and his family possesses been confronting intense energy for them beyond a couple of months since the time the whiz’s child Aryan Khan was captured by the Narcotics Control Bureau in a medication bust case.

In the wake of going through almost a month in prison, Aryan Khan was allowed bail by the Bombay High Court. Presently, the Starkid has been hauled into another contention.

A video has surfaced on the web which shows a youngster peeing out in the open at an air terminal anteroom. The clasp shows that the man, obviously perplexed, begins to pee on the floor of the hall in any event when different travelers were situated close by. He doesn’t stop as one more man in red uniform attempted to mediate.

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