10 Applications for Automatic Replies to Messages, Mails and Calls

Everyone is spending hectic life now days. There are many tasks to which you have to perform like working in offices, studying and many similar one. Your mind remains busy for a long time and you are often do not find time to reply important calls, messages and mails. Sometimes, you forget to reply to urgent calls and messages due to which you face many problems.

Here we find our the Applications for Automatic Reply that are designed & develop to automatically respond to your calls, messages and mails. These applications have builtin feature with which you can set an automatic replies to your calls and messages without any complications.

Auto replying apps works by its own in background when your phone is on silent mode and inform you about your important calls and messages according to the profile when you have made initially.

10 Best Applications for Automatic Reply 2019

Automatic reply applications automatically answers to your calls message and email when you are not available. You just have to set a reply verbally in the app and  that’s it. When your phone receive any call, message or email it will send answer the same message to the caller.

For further details here follow explore the best apps for automatic reply.

Gmail Auto Response

Wold’s best web emailing platform that allow you to send email anywhere on the internet. But here we are not talking about emailing but auto reply. One of gmail feature is vacation responder which is actually a smart reply feature of the gamil.

This feature helps the gamil users to send automatic reply to his/her contact list. You can even set gmail auto reply to specific user in your contact list when you are busy or on vacations.

To set gmail auto reply just go to settings and find here the vacation responder, then set the date, subject and message and boom. Feel free now it automatically reply to incoming mails, now you can fully enjoy your vacations without worrying.

[appbox googleplay id=com.google.android.gm]

Outlook, Hotmail or Live Mail Auto Reply

Same as above Outlook also lies in the list to world’s top web emailing services from Microsoft. The outlook emailing also have auto responder feature that allow you to set automatic reply on outlook.

With the help of outlook email autoresponder you can set auto reply to your all emails or a specific one. If you don’t know how to send auto reply on outlook that then we will guide you.

First of all go to your settings, here find the automatic reply then enable it. After that set the email, message and date for auto reply. You can even set the time duration during the auto reply will work. Click ok and that’s it, you have set an auto reply to your emails.

[appbox googleplay id=com.microsoft.office.outlook]

AutoResponder (SMS Auto Reply) + SMS Scheduler

The application is multi tasking which work to respond to your contacts when your phone is on silent mode. After its successful installations, you need to provide instructions in the app like to whom you want to reply, on what time you need to apply silent mode on your device and whose call is important for you or not.

After guiding the app, it will start working in a perfect way. You can make your status in which the app requires the duration of keeping your phone on silent. The app can also auto reply to the calls and messages to non contacts if they call/text you in the hours when you have applied status.

You can make your urgent calls list in which add up your important contacts of those whose calls and messages should never miss. The app will notify if someone of your urgent contacts tries to connect you.

[appbox googleplay id=com.lemi.callsautoresponder]

Safe Driving + Auto SMS + TTS

The app works to reply to urgent messages and calls while driving, traveling and situation when you are unable to touch your smart phone. You can text to speech messages to the contacts when you have added in the list of app.

The application provides you each and every detail related to your incoming messages and calls. You can customize messages accordingly and send them to your contacts with it.

Make multiple lists for different responses. Like you can make list of those contacts whose calls and messages must attend.

Customize contacts in other list to which the app will respond, and the list of those whom you really don’t want to reply. The app can also reply to the people who are not even present in your contact list.

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Auto Reply Text Message – AutoResponder- Auto SMS

The app allows to you made many profiles according to your requirement. Every profile has its own settings in which you can add different features like you can make your phone on vibrating mode and on completely silent mode.

Make a list in which you can add your important contacts to those you want to reply automatically when you are even busy. You can also make another list by which you can instantly block the messages and calls of unauthorized persons.

The automatic reply application utilizes less space, less memory and less power to provide to best response. You can customize your messages for every profile and according to every contact so that you can reply to them in your best way either you are busy or sleeping.

[appbox googleplay id=com.lemi.smsautoreplytextmessagefree]

Away – Auto Reply App

The app has very simple and user friendly interface. It is supporting all social networking applications and its installation is also free. Make a customize message for auto reply set it for contact whom want to send to your contacts during your study hours, meetings and whenever you find yourself busy.

The application will work to respond to the persons who are calling and texting you. Text messaging reply has many options like you can reply just once, you can reply back to back and also with delay.

After its installation, you need to ON the away app. You can also customize some specific hours when the application will work automatically.

[appbox googleplay id=com.bringar.away]

TextAssured – Auto Reply

TextAssured works according to the customizable profiles which you have made before. Many profiles can be constructed using the app in which you can customize settings differently. Automatically respond to the calls and messages without seeing your phone.

You can select some specific contacts for this purpose too. Send images from the gallery to your friends within auto reply using the app. You can automatically activate and deactivate profiles when needed.

TextAssured works best without battery saving mode, antivirus, app killers etc. You can apply vibrating alert and silent mode as well when you are busy by TextAssured app.

[appbox googleplay id=com.applauden.android.textassured]

StayBusy PRO – Auto SMS Reply

The application not only works with default messaging app of the phone but also with social apps like WhatsApp, Line etc. you can customize your messages and profiles for your contacts accordingly.

You can also reject calls with auto rejection services. You can send messages automatically and respond to calls using StayBusy Pro app.

The StayBusy app provides you notification so that you won’t miss any important alert. If you reject any call, the notification of the auto message would appear on the screen.

[appbox googleplay id=com.setubridge.staybusy2]

IM Auto Reply

It is a multi featured app with highly customized tools. You can specify your contacts to which you want to reply via IM auto reply app. You can give instant, delay and back to back reply using this application.

Moreover, you can also auto reply to the contacts of different applications. You can also select all of the contacts for auto replying. If you don’t want to reply some of them, exclude them from the contacts.

[appbox googleplay id=com.applicationexpress.imautoreply]

Auto Answer Call

The application is specially designed to for auto responding to incoming calls. You can reply to the calls without touching your phone screen. Customize your contact list and select those persons to whom you want to reply when you are even busy.

You can also select all contacts for this purpose and can exclude some of the contacts from the whole list. The application is easy to use and its installation is also free.

[appbox googleplay id=com.hi.autoanswercall]

Email AutoReply OoO Lite

The app working is to respond to only mails. You can auto reply to all the mails except official one. Send emails world widely and using the app without any complications.

You need to design a mail to which you want to send to the persons who are mailing you. The application will let you know about the incoming mails in the form of notification.

You can set specific timing for auto replying. In those hours the app would work properly.

[appbox googleplay id=com.maxlabmobile.ooolite]

Sleep + Silent Mode + Auto SMS

The app will keep your phone on the silent mode when you are sleeping or doing some important work. You can select some specific duration of time for auto replying to messages and calls.

The app will let you know about the details of those calls and messages to which you have replied automatically. Customize your messages accordingly so that you can send those texts by means of app when you are not available.

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