App Cloner Premium APK v1.5.21: Download APK for Android 2019

Many of us want more than more than a single account on social sites but unable to use two or more account on a single application. Dual application support is not inbuilt in every phone. App cloner premium version provides app duplication.

App Cloner Premium APK is an absolutely amazing application with so much surprising features. If you want to make a copy of any application, you can use app cloner for this purpose.

Create multiple copies of a single app and use multiple accounts on same app. The application makes exact duplicate copies of your android device which work smoothly and help you to do more socializing for free.




App Cloner Premium APK Download For Android 2019

App cloner supports most of the android devices and requires high quality smart phones for its operation.

App Cloner Premium APK is actually a paid version of app cloner where you can enjoy premium feature of the app. This paid version available over Google Play store, so you can buy it from there.

This premium cloner allow you to clone premium app such Gmail, Facebook Messenger, VK and others. You can even change the icon of the app in the app drawer.

Change you app location and run apps in incognito mode this all can be done in App cloner premium apk.

You can also make some other changes like some of the modifications within the app. For example, apply password on it, remove it from recently opened tabs, change permissions, and apply fake location and many more.

The newly made app by App cloner can be customized according to your choice. You can change its name, give it some unique color and design the icon as per want.

Make copied version of any application within your smartphone and use multiple accounts very easily. There is no major difference in the copy app expect the certification.

The processing of App cloner in android is safe enough and it can keep the data secure. Moreover, App cloner never interferes with the functioning of your phone. So use the app comfortably and make clones of your favorite applications.

Create clone multiple clones of Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and other app likes this and use multiple account at the same in same smartphone.

The interface of the App cloner is very simple and easy. You need to install the application in your phone. Open the app and select that application of which a copy version is required. Name the new application and choose the color of its icon. The application is ready to work in your phone.

You can make your app as much interesting as you want and all these options are given to you if you clone app by App cloner premium Apk.

Use multiple accounts of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype and many more on different apps and avoid switching ID’s on one application.

App Cloner Premium APK Features

  • Offers multiple copies of an app within a single smartphone
  • customize apps and use it side by side with the original application
  • Apply privacy, make changes as per desired in newly cloned app
  • App cloner premium version is completely safe and secure
  • Make icon and choose color of duplicate app
  • Login within this app from any other account
  • It will not interfere with the working of original application

Download & Install App Cloner Premium APK

Cloning apps and their use help the users to avoid logins again and again on a single app. You can use many accounts on a single android device and apply privacy so that no one knows about this newly made app.

Download App Cloner premium APK from the following link and make copies the app just within seconds.

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