Annika Schleu Saint Boy Horse Olympics – German Pentathlete Sobbing

Annika Schleu Saint Boy Horse Olympics – An Olympic pentathlete who was in the lead position lost her grasp on the gold award Friday after her pony wouldn’t hop.

Germany’s Annika Schleu was in the lead position after the initial two pentathlon occasions: fencing and swimming.

She had three to go: show bouncing and the consolidated shooting-running bit known as the laser run.

Schleu’s fortunes changed drastically when it went to the bouncing. She scored zero focuses when her mount, Saint Boy, would not hop.

She was left jogging around the course hopelessly and ultimately tears.

After the excess occasions, she completed in 31st spot in a field of 36.

Pentathletes don’t carry their own ponies to the bouncing area however are rather arbitrarily allocated one of 18 ponies.

Holy person Boy was additionally doled out to Gulnaz Gubaydullina of Russia, and comparatively would not bounce, as per the Irish paper The Journal.

fter the hopping round, Schleu put eighteenth in the laser run.

England’s Katie French took the gold award, establishing another Olympic record.

Schleu had an exhausting excursion to the 2021 Olympics, barely passing up an award in 2016 subsequent to setting fourth. The pentathlon’s true administering body, UIPM, called her “the undoubted star” of the occasion’s first day in 2021.

GERMAN pentathlete Annika Schleu was diminished to tears during the last of the Modern Pentathlon earlier today after her pony wouldn’t bounce in the showjumping round.

Germany’s Annika Schleu separated in tears earlier today during the penultimate occasion of the cutting edge pentathlon at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The enthusiastic Schleu battled to keep down tears as her pony Saint Boy wouldn’t bounce on the course. The German pentathlete was in the lead position and in shaft position to guarantee a gold decoration in front of the penultimate occasion.

Nonetheless, the horrible execution implied Schleu slipped from first to 31st spot.

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