Alexia Put a Ring on It Instagram – Get Whole Detail

Alexia Put a Ring on It Instagram – On this evening’s scene of “Put A Ring On It,” Alexia and Darion plunk down and have a genuine discussion about correspondence. Alexia needs Darion to dispose of his apartment suite since it is causing trust issues in their relationship. Darion discusses Alexia’s male companions and how he is awkward with it.

Taking a break from Kai, Darion takes a stab at fixing his relationship with Alexia. Jessica draws nearer with Sean, and Eric has a first date with Lealani. After a date with another new lady, Shon is compelled to analyze how he’s been traveling through this interaction.

Golly chileeee. Do you figure you could manage your life partner going on DATES with others? Appears to be some genuine torment to us!

Another scene of “Put A Ring On It” airs this evening, Friday July 30 at 10PM EST on OWN.

Darion separates when he understands how lost he is without Alexia, and she says that it’s the first occasion when that she’s seen him cry. Darion says that he is focused on chipping away at himself.

Alexia says that while she cherishes Darion and realizes that he knows to deal with himself, it isn’t her’s place to fix their relationship. Darion says that he realizes that he needs to get himself. Check out “Put a Ring on It” on Fridays at 10/9c on OWN.

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