Urban Meyer Third Video – Meyer’s Wife Speaks Out after Girl’s Video

Urban Meyer post game press conference today

Urban Meyer Third Video – There’s allegedly no less than another video of Urban Meyer and the young lady who moved on him.

The Jaguars lead trainer has been all around the information for the two or three weeks in light of the fact that a video surfaced of a youthful blonde lady moving upon him.

After some genuine and humiliating backfire, it seems like Meyer has endured the tempest and everybody has continued on. Notwithstanding, it seems like the circumstance probably won’t be totally settled.

In case there is one more video of Meyer and the youthful blonde lady, whose personality hasn’t been freely affirmed by any significant outlet, then, at that point, I think that it is difficult to trust it stays secret for eternity.

Shy of Meyer or another person paying a huge load of cash for it, it’s probably going to hit the web in the event that it really exists, which is obscure as of now.

All I know without a doubt is that this story will not pass on and individuals can’t get enough of it.

The greatest inquiry concerning the supposed presence of the video is the thing that the Jags will do on the off chance that it hits the web.

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