Tiktok Hand Signal Domestic Violence – Tiktok Hand Signal for Help

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Tiktok Hand Signal Domestic Violence – Shrub County Police said an individual detailed a tip of a young lady utilizing a hand signal made famous on TikTok prompted the capture. She was accounted for missing Nov. 2.

A man was captured following a 16-year-old young lady who was accounted for to be missing was found in his vehicle. The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office said they had the option to capture the man after a tip was gotten of a young lady giving hand motions to address abusive behavior at homemade well known from TikTok.

The sheriff’s office affirmed the capture of 61-year-old James Brick occurred on I-75 at KY 80 on Nov. 4. Police said the individual who announced the tip was behind Brick’s vehicle.

As Brick kept on going on I-75, the individual followed him giving officials a report on the area and portrayal of his vehicle.

Agents situated themselves at an exit in London, Kentucky to sit tight for the speculate’s vehicle and were prompted by the insider the vehicle was leaving the highway. Shrub Sheriff’s analysts and delegates led a traffic stop and an examination on its inhabitants.

It was learned through the young lady had been accounted for missing by her folks out of Asheville, North Carolina. The young lady told agents she had gotten with Brick and gone through numerous states which included North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio.

He is right now being held at the Laurel County restorative focus. The examination is progressing.

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