Tiger and Charlie Woods Video – Updates

Tiger and Charlie Woods Video – Tiger Woods and his child Charlie will tee it up by and by at the PNC Championship not long from now for a two-day, 36-opening occasion.

It’s colossal for several reasons – first, it’s Tiger’s re-visitation of going after the initial time since his frightening auto collision.

Second? We get to see the dad and child play together, which gave us some astounding features last year, showing the likenesses between the two, from their swings to their warmups.

This week, the occasion will stamp the arrival of Woods to the course, 10 months later he was engaged with an alarming single-fender bender.

Later last year’s occasion, the PGA Tour set up an incredible montage showing exactly how comparable the dad and child couple are on the course. It’s a good idea that Charlie has a swing that looks basically the same as Tiger.

However, the way that he holds himself on the course in such countless other inconspicuous ways is really unimaginable.

On Tuesday, the PGA Tour distributed another video showing Tiger’s live responses to watching the video of he and Charlie’s peculiarities. Tiger was radiating all through, unmistakably glad to watch his child on the course and entertained by exactly how comparable they are.

Prior to his re-visitation of rivalry at the PNC Championship, where he’ll again collaborate with his 12-year-old child, Charlie, Tiger Woods plunked down to observe a few features of him and Charlie from last year’s occasion at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, Florida.

Just these weren’t your regular features. All things considered, PGA Tour’s social group grafted together some next to each other video showing exactly how indistinguishable the Woods father-child pair are, from their swings to their quirks.

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