Tessa Majors Video – Luchiano Lewis Sentenced to 9 Years to Life Meaning

Killers of Tessa Majors death video

Tessa Majors Video – Luchiano Lewis, 16, was condemned Thursday to 9 years to life in the slammer for his part in the dangerous cutting of Barnard College understudy Tessa Majors.

Lewis, who was 14 at the hour of the cutting, was charged as a grown-up.

As CBS2’s Cory James reports, Lewis strolled into the court Thursday evening in front of his condemning for the job he confessed to the month before.

The 18-year-old’s dad bankrupt down during the casualty sway letter read by the lawyer for the benefit of the Majors family.

Minutes after the fact, Majors’ dad left his unparalleled view while a video of his girl’s last minutes was shown. The surveillance camera film caught Majors battling going up the means close to Morningside Park after split away from the three respondents in that merciless assault.

The video shows Majors pull out her telephone, which the suspects had endeavored to take, prior to falling face down.

At the point when he asked Majors’ family to acknowledge his expression of remorse, her dad turned away, his eyes enlarging with tears.

The appointed authority gave over the greatest sentence for the homicide: Nine years to life, and three extra in addition to years for the burglary, adding Lewis, while in guardianship, has been in numerous battles, had stash that might have been utilized as weapons, and most as of late was associated with a vicious cutting with one more detainee over a cover that brought about a re-capture for lawful offense attack.

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